Tenders for bypasses due in 6 weeks

July 30, 2008 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, July 30 – The government is set to award tenders for the construction of road bypasses in the next six weeks, which Prime Minister Raila Odinga said on Wednesday would decongest the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

The Prime Minister said that work would begin on the Southern, Eastern and Northern bypasses and their linkages soon after.

“The Southern bypass runs from Limuru through the western part of the city next to the periphery of the game park into Mombasa highway, so that the traffic going to Mombasa and the western part of the country does not have to pass through Uhuru Highway,” the PM explained.

He was speaking during a public-private partnership meeting, where he stressed the need to address the issue of poverty, in an effort to enhance security in the city.

“Even as we increase our security preparedness, we are aware that the real security will only emerge when poverty, inequity and marginalisation are effectively addressed,” he pointed out.

The government is further set to introduce legislation to govern traffic laws and regulations within the Central Business District.

Nairobi Metropolitan Development Minister Mutula Kilonzo said that the law would keep reckless motorists in check.

“I will introduce the necessary law so that if a Kenyan drives into a cross over when there is someone else out, I will fine him so much that the fine will exceed the value of the vehicle,” warned the minister.

Odinga, meanwhile, stressed that public-private partnerships (PPP) would enable investment opportunities to be fully utilised.

“Through partnerships, one could transform these areas into one of the most attractive urban settings in the world for both inhabitants and investors,” explained the Premier.

He stated that the inception of the Close Circuit Television (CCTV) for surveillance within the CBD would improve security and make the city a 24-hour economy.

The PM observed that this would in turn triple productivity and increased employment opportunities in the city.

“One such PPP is the general security and Nairobi in particular. I commend you for the initiative in the CCTV facilities. This is important so as to boost the confidence for the investors as well as our clientele in Nairobi.”

Odinga suggested that the private sector could fight graft by demanding integrity in business transactions.

“You have the power to influence both public and private choices. At a time when Kenyans are so united against corruption, it would embolden the fight by demanding integrity in your transactions.”



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