5 killed in botched robbery

July 14, 2008 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, July 14 – Five people, including two casino employees, were gunned down by police on Monday during a botched robbery attempt outside the Mayfair Casino in Westlands.

The two casino workers killed were caught in the crossfire, according to witnesses.

Gnecchi Luduvico, the Mayfair Casino Chairman, confirmed the death of his workers in the 10am incident.

“Out of the five people shot dead by the police, two were certainly not thugs. They were a security guard and one of the cleaners employed by Chemserve Cleaning Services,” he said.

Luduvico revealed that they were not yet open for business when the incident occurred.

Police, who were acting on a tip off, followed a gang of seven into the premises and confronted them, after which an exchange of fire is said to have ensued.

The officers recovered a fire-arm and two pistols.

A security guard told Capital News that police ambushed the gangsters before they entered the Casino, which is said to have been their target.

“I saw some people standing in a small crowd but I thought they were visitors to the hotel. I went inside after greeting the cleaner and the guard. Shortly I heard gunshots.”

“The police did not talk to anyone they just shot them and carried the bodies,” the guard added.

It is commonplace for innocent bystanders to be caught in the middle of the confrontations between security officers and thugs.

Crime in the country is generally attributed to high levels of poverty and unemployment.

Nairobi has however recorded reduced robbery incidents following an increased police presence in the city.



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