Kibaki calls for end to succession debate

July 12, 2008 12:00 am

, NYERI, July 12 – President Mwai Kibaki Saturday told off leaders who were engaging in the 2012 succession debate and urged those harboring ambitions to lead the nation to await their ripe moment rather than distract wananchi from nation building.

The Head of State expressed confidence that the Coalition Government would work together and remain united for the benefit of all Kenyans. He castigated leaders preaching disunity adding that the current leadership in the country was well defined.

"Don’t think you will get the chance tomorrow because there are others on the leadership. Wait a little while so that we can see how you will get there. If you start campaigns now we will be against you and say that we cannot trust you anymore," he cautioned.

Speaking at Nyeri Kamukunji grounds during the official launch of a new Gikuyu Bible and a booklet titled ‘Path to Healing,’ he appealed to leaders at all levels and Kenyans in general to give the Grand Coalition Government a chance to deliver its promises.

"For how long shall Kenyan people continue to fight? Have you people from this region decided to abandon animosity? Kenyans must decide to abandon this retrogressive behavior," said the President.

The President’s sentiments come against a backdrop of an evident rift within his party of National Unity with politicians strategically re-grouping for the 2012 race. The succession debate has dominated home coming parties with cabinet ministers interested in the top seat mobilising their colleagues and other MPs for endorsement.

The future of the coalition government had also been on the spotlight with a section of politicians warning that recent disagreements between cabinet members undermine the spirit of unity.

Just on Friday Prime Minisiter Raila Odinga and his deputy Musalia Mudavadi voiced a similar appeal urging politicians to abandon politicking and concentrate on nation building.

The President urged all Kenyan communities to discard baseless suspicions and mistrust and instead create a political and social order which reflects achievements that make Kenya a great nation. He called on the displaced persons to go back to their farms and resume their normal lives, adding that all Kenyans must promote peace, unity and good neighborliness.

"Kenya as a country belongs to all Kenyans who should be free to work and reside anywhere for sake of development," he affirmed.

President Kibaki commended the church for implementing concrete measures to address profound issues entrenched in ethnic differences.

The President challenged Kenyans to read, practice and uphold the practical teachings from the Bible and other Holy Scriptures adding that they can address modern day challenges of crime, drug abuse, violence and corruption.

With regard to the new Bible, President Kibaki commended the Bible Society of Kenya for accomplishing the strenuous task and ensuring that the translation remained faithful to the original text.

He further urged the Bible Society of Kenya to continue making available and promoting the use of scriptures in local languages and ensure that such Bibles are accessed to all Kenyan communities.

During the occasion President Kibaki reaffirmed the commitment of his Government in upholding the freedom of worship as well as working with the church and all religious bodies to bring about lasting peace in the country.


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