Karua: I will not stop campaigning

July 27, 2008 12:00 am

, MERU, July 27 – Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs Minister Martha Karua on Sunday told off politicians who are urging her to stop early campaigns, saying she was equally performing in her ministerial duties.

Speaking at Nthimbiri Methodist Church during her second day of tour of Imenti North constituency, Karua said she was only making sure she set a tempo for her 2012 presidential bid.

"I should not be told that it is too early (for campaigns). It is my democratic right to seek the high office. I am also working hard at my Justice and Constitution docket," she asserted.

The minister allayed allegations that her bid could upset President Mwai Kibaki, saying she still maintained a good working relationship with the Head of State.

Karua said she hoped Kenyan leaders would learn to concede defeat.

During the fundraising ceremony in aid of the church construction also attended by area MP Silas Muriuki, Karua said she saw nothing wrong with her early bid.

Muriuki praised her as an honest politician who was not easily swayed.

"I am proud of Martha Karua because she is a politician who keeps her word. Her yes is yes and her no is no," he said.

He said the Minister would be able to market herself and would not be seeking favours owing to her gender.

"She is acceptable and intelligent. She will not be seeking favours because she is a woman and would compete with others seeking the presidency," said the MP.

Twelve councillors from the Meru municipal and county council supported her bid.

On the disputed polls, Karua said there was need to sub-divide large constituencies in the Mt Kenya region saying their large voter tally caused suspicion and ignited the violence.

She noted that results from some constituencies in Mt Kenya were delayed owing to the expansiveness of the constituencies and called for a review to avert possible bloodshed in future elections.

"We (PNU) were trailing ODM by about 40,000 votes. When results from Nithi constituency came in and Kibaki had received over 90,000, there was suspicion which brought about the bloodshed," said the Minister.

She said majority of constituencies had over 100,000 voters and an average of 70,000 voters per constituency in Mt Kenya region.

She explained that the high voter population and bad roads caused the delay in announcing of the results.

"They doubted the large number of votes from Nithi. These constituencies need to be harmonised to avert bloodshed," she said.



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