Civil servants issue threat of legal action

July 24, 2008 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, July 24 – The Kenya Civil Servants Association (KCSA) Thursday threatened to take legal action should its members’ salaries and commuter allowances not be increased.

KCSA Secretary General Francis Ngariuki said the rising costs of living dictate that employees between job groups A and L should get Sh6, 000 and seniors get Sh10, 000 as allowances to cater for their daily transport needs.

“The civil servants’ salary is very little. If somebody is earning about Sh7, 000, how would you sustain that person?” he wondered. “If the salary is not increased we are thinking of taking court action”.

The civil servants have been demanding a 45 percent increment, which Ngariuki said should be factored into the supplementary budget.

“Perhaps it’s been negotiated at a lower level of 29 percent, but if the government has no money they can pay us 16 percent and then the rest later,” he said.

However the association complained that no agreement had been signed despite negotiations that had gone on for more than one year.
The lowest paid civil servants currently earn Sh7, 466, which many of them said was very low.
Public Service Minister Dalmas Otieno had earlier said that the Government had set aside Sh3 billion this year to implement the final phase of the civil service pay rise.

Meanwhile, KCSA is from October this year expected to start a housing project for its members at a cost of Sh3.5 billion.

The project that is set to last for close to three years would support construction of 1,800 mortgage units at Mlolongo, Langata and Upper Runda areas.


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