Businessman murdered in Nairobi

July 27, 2008 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, July 27 – A businessman was abducted outside a Nairobi bank and later murdered by two gun men who posed as police officers.

The two gun men are believed to have trailed the trader and appeared to have known his whereabouts before they bundled him into their car.

Martin Mwaniki had just withdrawn an unknown amount of money from a bank on Parliament road on Thursday when the gangsters waylaid him, just as he entered his car.

Guards who witnessed the incident told police the men identified themselves as police officers and forced Mwaniki to enter their car before they sped off.

Reports indicate he was carrying Sh300, 000.

Mwaniki’s body was found dumped in a thicket in Upper Hill area later that day.

His hands and legs were all tied and it was apparent he had been tortured before he was killed.

"We are investigating the murder but so far no suspect has been arrested," said Kilimani divisional Police chief Mark Mwara.

Mwara said detectives had recorded statements from guards who witnessed the incident.

Mwaniki’s car was later found intact outside the bank.

Mwara said they are investigating to establish if the trader was killed when he declined to surrender the cash.

"We are trying to get to the bottom of this matter. There are crucial leads we are following and we are confident we will unravel the murder," Mwara said.



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