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IDPs urged to return home

NAIROBI, MAY 12 – Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has urged all Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) residing in the neighbouring country to return back to their homes as their security is guaranteed.

Musyoka also called on those who are still in IDP camps in various parts of the country to return to their farms as the government undertakes their security.

He said people should be allowed to be resettled where they were evicted from because they have a constitutional right to reside in any part of the country.

 “The government resolution on the issue of IDPs is clear, that they must be resettled no one will be relocated because that will be violating the basic right, which requires them to be resettled back from the areas they were uprooted and the President is clear on this,” Kalonzo said.

The Vice President was speaking on Sunday when he attended the thanksgiving and prayer service for the Public Health and Sanitation Minister Beth Mugo at Ndararua playground in Dagoretti Constituency, Nairobi.

The interdenominational thanksgiving service was attended by several Cabinet Ministers, Assistant Ministers, current and former Members of Parliament.

Musyoka said people should learn to respect the law so that the culture of impunity is eradicated, adding that everyone is subject to the rule of law.

He said the country’s leadership was committed to making the Grand Coalition work.

The Vice President said President Mwai Kibaki, Prime Minister Raila Odinga and himself were now working together as a team in the Grand Coalition hence wondered why some people were still living in animosity.

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Musyoka reiterated that it was time for national healing, reconciliation and forgiveness and urged leaders to speak in one voice for the sake of peace and unity in the country.
He echoed President Kibaki’s sentiments that all those holding public offices who will be implicated in corrupt deals will be expected to step aside and allow for investigations to be carried out.

Musyoka said the government was working on modalities to create employment for the country’s youth to make them self reliant.

He said the youth comprise 42 percent of the country’s population hence there was need to have an enabling environment for employment that would improve their living standards.

Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta said the culture of impunity should never resurface in the country again adding that the government will never allow people to take the law into their hands.

He said: “We should strive for peace but all Kenyans must abide by the law no Kenyan has the right to uproot his fellow Kenyan from an area labelling him an outsider, the constitution protects the right of Kenyan to reside anywhere in the nation.”

Justice, Constitutional and National Cohesion Minister, Martha Karua once again ruled out an amnesty for all those who committed crimes against humanity saying they will have to face the law.

Karua stated: “Those whose cases are already in criminal justice system should not be interfered with, the court however does allow for settlement between affected parties, which has to be done before the presiding judge out of volition of those who have resolved to forgive each other, but for those who committed crimes against humanity, you cannot be forgiven, the law must act.”
She said the country is governed by the rule of law and that all those people who killed and destroyed other people’s property during the post election violence will face prosecution since all Kenyans and their property are protected by the law.

Karua said: “We are in a coalition government and we must all work hard to make it to succeed and that means respect for the law, do not only protect you friend who has been arrested and you forget those who were killed or those who lost all their property.”

The Minister also cautioned the youth against being misused and misled by politicians to engage in criminal activities.

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Public Health and Sanitation Minister Beth Mugo said all government ministers were ready to work as a team in order to give Kenyans quality services and urged Kenyans to support the government’s endeavour.


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