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thai chi restaurant at sarova stanley photographed by susan wong 0

#SusanEats: Stanley’s Thai Chi

Located in the bustling city hotel Sarova Stanley, Thai Chi – one of Nairobi’s most exotic restaurants and boasts one of the most transportive and tranquil dining experiences – is safely nestled away from...


Indian Week at The Thorn Tree Café

August 15, 2011 – Last week was Italian, the week before that was American, and the time before that was Kenyan; what can diners expect from The Thorn Tree Café this week?  An Indian...


Italian Week at The Thorn Tree Cafe

August 1, 2011 – It’s Italian Week at The Thorn Tree Café at Sarova Stanley! Ending the 7th of August, a journey through Italy is what’s calling at The Thorn Tree Café. Followers of...