Wine pairing with Moroccan food; a scrumptious, palatable evening

Whether it’s at a friend’s house, or at a favorite restaurant, the combination of great company, food and wine pairing is something you cannot dare miss because if you, then you absolutely are missing out on of the world’s finest indulgences.

One Thursday evening, Victoria Mulu-Munywoki, Kenya’s first ever native Sommelier and Chef Mohsine Korich, teamed up with The Barclaycard Social Wine Club for a delightful evening to showcase Moroccan cuisine at Capital Club.

Morocco’s food scene is one of the best in the world, with Arabic, Jewish, Berber, sub-Saharan, and even Roman influences given its history and crossroads between Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.  It is so diverse and vibrant in color and flavor. The flavor combinations, aromatic spices and exotic ingredients makes these dishes tasty and indeed mouthwatering.


The night also provided Chef Mohsine, a two-star Michelin chef, and was born to a Moroccan Father and French mother, a chance to go back to his roots, a throwback pleasure to curate the food & wine pairing. A glass of good wine plays a huge role in dining as it can greatly compliment or enhance a meal.


The first course of different salads paired beautifully with the Napa Chardonnay. which was a smooth, rich, and nutty wine providing a wonderful contrast in textures for the vegetarian dishes.

The harissa soup paired with the dry and pale Rosé from the south of France provided a cleansing and refreshing of the palate – much needed to prepare for the heavy main meal. Pale Rosé is en vogue, plus it’s often a sign of great quality.

The main course was a perfect match with the elegant structure, seductive sweet spices, and ripe red fruit that balanced well with the spices of the tagines which were aplenty with warm spices, preserved lemon. The right compliment in this pairing and a true feast for the kings (and queens)!

Wrapping off the evening with Baklava, Ghriba and Moroccan mint tea was the perfect ending to the evening. I did not want to deviate from the authentic way of enjoying dessert in Morocco because the tea ceremony is an enriching experience. However, those that still had some cabernet franc in the glass still enjoyed pairing it with the desserts.

Chef Mohsine and Victoria is also the Founder and CEO at an innovative and reputable online store stocking handpicked, expertly tasted and carefully selected wine from around the world, do host private dinners for those interested in learning more about food and wine pairings or just want to enjoy a delightful fine dining and have paired many themed meals over the last 3 years they have worked together.





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