Rich, decadent dessert moments at The Terrace Restaurant

The one food that you are guaranteed will lighten up your mood and day is dessert. I kid you not. Ever witnessed someone having dessert and the reaction on their faces- always lighting up like they just tasted their first meal of the day that they had longed for? I don’t know about you, but desserts take me to a place where only happiness abides. Let’s face it dessert is extremely delicious. Some call it comfort food; I call it my source of happiness and God’s blessing.

A dessert is a sweet course that concludes a meal. Allow me to say this though, you don’t really need a reason to eat desserts or an occasion to have it. Any time, any day is desert time. A little sugar to feed the soul is allowed whenever the craving comes along, and it is your duty to heed the call. They say (and I absolutely agree) “you only live once, eat dessert first.”

The Terrace Restaurant at The Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi’s dessert menu is a must try as I found out last week. It was a day of heavenly bliss, of sweet goodness touching my lips as I indulged in the finest. Allow me to take you on a sight journey to tantalize your senses of what I had. These decadent treats will end your meal on a high note as prepared by Chef Emmanuel.

Coconut Timbale

This rich coconut smooth mousse encrusted in a vanilla sponge is pure heavenly, silky real food dessert deliciousness.  It is a light dainty dessert with a delicate flavour of coconut. If you are nutty for the sweet taste of coconut, then this is your ultimate choice of dessert.

This dessert would be very ideal for that date night; when you two just want to have a moment to yourselves of flirting, looking into one another’s eyes and most of all, freeing one another the dessert. Oh happy Days.


This coffee flavoured Italian dessert consisting of layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee and brandy with powdered chocolate and mascarpone cheese is truly the classic pick me up meal.

A dessert should be the best part of your fine dining meal and the Tiramisu truly makes it memorable, no wonder its one of the world’s most loved desserts. That liquer is simply irresistible, after all, they say coffee, cream and a lil’ booze is a classic after dinner combination for a weekend plan.

Apple Pie

This sweet and tender flavour of baked apples in a crunchy pie crust topped with an ice cream is all so yummy with the flakier, crisper texture. This is ideally the perfect holiday celebration sweet meal.

Apples are one of everyone’s favorite fruits and contains ingredients that are good for your health. The more reason you cannot resist this dessert.


This rich, sweet dessert pastry is made up of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with honey traces its roots in the Middle East. The flavors and textures are so unique and so delicious thanks to the crushed nuts soaked in a honey lemon syrup.

A dessert should be memorable, engraving the taste on your mind for the longest time. You will remember a place because of the dessert- the last delicious meal you had, and this is what the Baklava is bound to make you have, a lasting memory.

Warm Honey cake with Basil Ice Cream


This super moist honey cake with cream, basil and a hint of lemon is truly decadent and makes you fall in love with this unusual ice cream flavor. This is perfect for cream tea at the end of the day. Life is more fun with desserts so if we are going to live once, then we might as well do it right and with lots of fun (read, plenty of desserts).

Who doesn’t love a delicious sweet treat after a good meal?


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