• I’d say it’s a step in the right direction…But I hope more African Airlines and investors can get into somalia…as much as Africa is progressing and developing, we cannot afford to leave Somalia behind. They deserve it (sic) even more than we do.

  • cgitosh

    Al shabaab should read the signs of time and know that their time is up!

  • It is all about South Sudan’s oil. Remember Lamu port project? What is it for? To export GOSS Oil. A pipeline through arid N.E. Province is vulnerable to attack. They had to secure the area. Now Ethiopia also needs the peace in order to put up the cables from his dams that will supply the port with electric power

    • Myafricanwalkingstick

      Its not South Sudan oil, its actually somali oil.. haven’t you heard they have like massive oil reserves in somalia, after 20 yrs of war, there has been no exploration , so, everyone trying to position himself to reap (where they have not sown), and that includes the UK.

  • Moha2cool


  • Moha2cool

    Thank you Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Djibouti for brotherly sacrifice.   I hope one day we will be in one big East African umbrella, under one currency, stability and progress for our people.  And not to forget all the international players who are trying hard to bring peace to Somalia, especially Turkey, UK, Italy and US.  They need Somalia to be peaceful for the sake of stability and commerce in Gulf Sea, Indian Ocean.  I hope Somalias leaders can stop being selfish and petty and start rebulding Somalia in peace with it’s neighbours.

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