A Single Girl’s Guide to a Fulfilling Solo Valentine’s Day

It’s such a bummer that Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, which is a work day. Had it fell on a weekend, it would’ve been perfect for a fun-filled eventful day with so many activities to do with friends and some loved ones minus the loneliness that comes with one being the only one without a huge bouquet delivered at the office. But since this life is for living, nothing should stop anyone from celebrating love, whether it’s self-love or any other kind of love especially in this era where being kind to oneself is highly encouraged or whether the day is a weekday or the weekend.

Yes, Valentine’s Day will fall on a Monday, but here are some things you can still do to celebrate yourself on this day of lovers as a single woman.

  1. Start your day right by collecting those endorphins.

You will have set the mood for your day when you start your day with exercise. Your day will start off right with you feeling great about yourself. Make sure to go to the gym, or go for a walk, or do some form of home workout to set the mood for your Valentine’s Day.

2. Fix yourself a Happy breakfast

A sumptuous, happy breakfast on a special day for a special person (read, you) will help continue setting the mood for your Valentine’s Day. And a happy stomach = A happy girl all day!

3. Be your own Boo!

Buy yourself a lovely bouquet and a box of your favorite chocolates and have it delivered to your doorstep/office

Valentine’s Day can feel so lonely when you have no one to call “boo” and spoil you on this day of lovers. But what about choosing to be your own boo and send yourself a gorgeous bouquet complete with a cute note, that will help brighten your day and make you feel like you are all boo’d up.

4. Gift yourself a Valentine’s Manicure

If you thought that nothing beats a fresh manicure, then you should try a Valentine’s Day inspired manicure. Just ask your nail technician for a Valentine’s special and you will leave the nail salon feeling like Love itself.

5. Buy yourself something chic and expensive (or wear it if you already have one)

There’s a wonderful feeling you get when you buy yourself something beautiful with your own money. So, why not bring this wonderful feeling to yourself on this day by either purchasing that thing for yourself and if you already have it in your possession, Valentine’s Day would be the perfect day to wear it, show it off and feel yourself while at it.

6. Book that special boudoir-esque photoshoot

If you need to feel sexy as well as capture it, a photoshoot will do it for you. Book a session with your favorite photographer and make sure they understands the assignment. They only need to understand here is that you need to feel like a sexy, royalty goddess and it needs to be captured.

7. Indulge in some special tea

Special teas are known to boost your mood and Valentine’s Day would be the perfect day to be in high spirits. It would help greatly to look the way you feel on the inside.

8. Treat yourself like Royalty

To wind down your day, you can give yourself a special treatment like soaking in a flower bath which will help you feel relaxed and like the world is your oyster.

9. Still on treating yourself like royalty… you could cook/order a sumptuous meal

Since this has been the drill since breakfast, why not go all out and spoil yourselves and your taste buds? Go all out and order that meal that you’re always shying away from ordering or have been brushing off as too expensive.

10. Burn some scented candles

Scented candles are known to put you in the right mood. So make sure to burn your favorite scented candle to wind down your Valentine’s Day.

11. Indulge in some dessert

Why not go all out and order (or bake yourself) that Valentine’s cake and make yourself some delicious dessert to finish of your perfect day? Your taste buds and stomach will thank you. Plus you deserve it since you started off your day with a workout. The calories will not be counted on this day.

12. End your day with the perfect romantic movie

After the kind of successful and fulfilling day you will have had, what better way to finish off your day with a bang? And by bang, I mean watch your favorite romantic movie . Because it’s Valentine’s day, you are allowed to be lulled to sleep in a romantic way.

Just because you are single doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. In fact, this is even a better excuse to have a fantastic day because all your expectations are in your hands, hence no surprises and disappointments.

Whatever you choose to do from this list of 12, just make sure to have fun on this day loving yourself. And as they say, if you don’t love yourself, how are you going to love someone else? So, enjoy your Valentine’s Day by all means necessary.

One last thing, remember to dress up accordingly.