Bond is back: 007 film ‘No Time To Die’ premieres in Nairobi.

He is highly intelligent, unapologetic and diabolically independent. He is also self-assured, smooth, confident, timeless, sexy, and oh so dapper 100%. It is said this man, this very dapper man, embodies a certain mythic heroism that’s quite appealing — the sense of freedom and power like a super hero. Well, “The name’s Bond. James Bond ” and certainly, there is no man like Bond.  

With a guest list made up of the whos’ s who in Nairobi from the from business, social and political circles, The British Chamber of Commerce in Kenya and its partners hosted an exclusive cocktail reception and advance screening of James Bond film “No Time To Die” at an invite only prescreening event held at the Westgate Mall. It was possibly the most high-profile red-carpet movie premier since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The guest of honor was the UK Deputy High Commissioner to Kenya and Development Director, Julius Court.

Few characters, perhaps none, have withstood the passage of time as James Bond has. According to film critic Bill Desowitz, author of the book “James Bond Unmasked,” the James Bond Film franchise is the longest-running continuous franchise ever. Worldwide, the James Bond movies have grossed over $7 billion and is undoubtedly one of the world’s longest running and most successful film series.

No Time To Die is the 25th Bond film (released by Eon Productions, who own the rights to the Fleming novels. There are three other Bond films, known as the unofficial Bonds, which were made by different production companies over the years) and it will be the final movie featuring Craig as 007. Costing an estimated $200 million to produce, it sees Bond come out of retirement in Jamaica to help track down a new villain, described by Oscar winner Malek as “mischievous(and) devious”, and armed with lethal technology. The movie had been delayed since its original April 2020 slot as movie theatres around the world were forced to shut their doors due to the Covid pandemic.

Craig took over the role of James Bond starting in 2006’s Casino Royale and though he falls short of Sean Connery and Roger Moore’s 7 films as 007 Craig holds the record as the longest-tenured James Bond after 15 years playing the role.

“Doing No Time To Die was a chance to wrap up all the loose ends and finish what I’d started 15 years ago [in Casino Royale],” Craig explained in response to a question by GQ magazine about what motivated him to come back for one final film, despite having announced in 2015 that he wanted to put an end to his time in the role. 

UK Deputy High Commissioner to Kenya and Development Director, Julius Court tweeted this, “James Bond represents many things that put the great in Great Britain. Dedicated. Dynamic. Innovative. Cool. No time to Die showcases UK creative industries, tech, performing arts, finance, fashion, music, leisure, the auto industry.”

(Special mention and thanks to our dear friends at The British High Commission, Nairobi, Kenya.)

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