Easy Guide on How to Hang Curtains Like an Interior Designer

Curtains are very necessary home accessories to have and good quality ones can also be very expensive hence the need to invest in good quality curtains once and for all. That said, curtains can make or break your interior spaces, so it is also necessary to know how to install your curtains properly and also the proper measurements for your windows.


*Curtain rods should be as high as possible

This has a way to dramatically improve the overall look of a room as it will:

*Make your ceilings appear higher

*Make your windows look bigger

*Make your space look more polished

*Allow more light into your room

*Add more impact to your room

PS: Curtain rods that are hung way too low will make a small space appear even smaller.

Measuring your Curtains:

You will have some measuring to do before buying new curtains. This is because you will need to know how wide each curtain panel needs to be and how long your curtains need to be.

What exactly do you need to measure?

  1. Measure the width of your window from trim to trim.
  2. Decide how high you want your rod to be.
  3. Based on the width of your window, decide how wide each curtain panel needs to be
  4. Based on the height of your rod, measure how long each panel needs to be.

PS: For your curtains to have the proper amount gathers, you will need at least1.5 meters extra of curtain fabric per meter based on your measurements.

Picking the length of your curtains:

After taking all the proper measurements, you can now purchase your curtains confidently. If your measurements are correct, your space will look great.

Just be sure that your curtains are kissing the floor, then you will know that you got the right measurements.

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