Capital FM Celebrates 25th Birthday and Incredible Milestones

Happy 25th birthday to us! We celebrate a quarter century of playing the best mix of music, telling digital stories, events and delivering authentic news. Capital was born out of a culture of causing shifts and has continued to be at the forefront of monumental trends.

There have been many milestones celebrated at Capital FM, from 28 editions of the Koroga festival to award winning campaigns, but here are some the biggest highlights:

  • First FM radio station in Kenya.
  • First online Live Streaming radio station.
  • First radio station to play Rock, Jazz and Neo Soul.

On behalf of the entire Capital FM family, we take this opportunity to thank our clients – who have believed in the brand and have kept us going, our listeners for always tuning in, our online community for engaging with us and those who have worked and been part of the Capital FM team over the last 25 years.

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