Ocean Basket Serving Nairobi’s Freshest Seafood

Ocean basket is back and that is great news because good seafood is simply hard to come by! The seafood lover’s paradise located at Westgate mall is welcoming, sleek with an elegant atmosphere and fits beautifully into the space with palm tree views for diners. 

For us townies, this means that you do not have to be at the coast to experience a good fish meal. Their extensive menu and incredible platter options will allow you to sample a wide array of seafood washed away with a chilled glass of wine. 

We did the decent thing during our two visits here, we spread the net wide and ate absolutely everything on the menu from sushi to calamari to prawns to mussels to grilled fish and chips, so we could help you make good choices during your next visit.

The chef prepares the dishes in such a way as to accent the natural flavours without overwhelming them, so whether you’re looking for a fishy bite or a fish-filled extravaganza, you will enjoy the meal.

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