Stylish Table Lampshades and How to Style Them Around the House

I have never come across a table lampshade I didn’t want to take home and decorate my space with. Ok, that is a lie as there are some table lamps that are eyesores. Anyway, that aside, I have always felt that these beautiful, decorative yet functional pieces are always overlooked when it comes to decorating our spaces. We sometimes forget about just how much of stylishness they can offer our spaces outside of the bedroom right next to our beds. The secret here lies in the fact that the table lamp can and will change your space from drab to fab in a moment, making you look like the world’s greatest interior decorator. Table lampshades can be used to decorate just about any space in the home with the exception of maybe… the kitchen, but who is stopping you? You can pretty much use it anywhere else including but not limited to the entryway, the living room, the home office/library, and other random spaces like the home corridor.

Below are some ideas (and some of our favorite table lampshade picks) of where and how you can use your table lamp as a decorative piece.

Table lampshades styling and the Entryway

Table Lampshades styling and the Livingroom

Table Lampshades on a Console

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