10 Life Lessons From DJ Adrian As He Celebrates His 50th Birthday

Capital FM’s veteran Adrian Washika, popularly known as DJ Adrian turned 50 on 18th May and has been celebrating for the last few weeks with his fans through sets on Capital FM.

“I have been a DJ for 25 years, that is literally half my life,” he said in an interview with Capital Lifestyle.

He is one of Kenya’s longest-working DJs, and even though he just turned 50, Adrian can still compete with new entrants and certainly doesn’t plan to stop.

“You put any crowd in front of me and I’ll be able to rock them. I tell young guys I DJ for their party, their folks party and their grand-folks party. My library is vast.”

Adrian started his career playing at home and later got his first paying gig, playing at a pub in Westlands that belonged to his friend’s parents. Shortly after he joined Capital FM and has since, curtain raised for world stars like Alpha Blondy, M’bilia Bel, Kanda Bongo Man, Manu Dibango and Papa Wemba who all headlined the Koroga Festival.

“These are very important and memorable shows for me because I got to share a stage with these international acts. They have been career changing moments.” Said Adrian.

He has also opened for other international artists like Joe, Johnny Gill, Keri Hilson, 112 (band), Maya and even DJ Jazzy Jeff. “I have followed Jazzy for years and I look up to him. That was amazing!”

We asked him to share 10 life lessons and nuggets of wisdom he has learnt on his journey that can apply to anyone from all walks of life and this is what he said.

  1. Passion 

You have to love what you do because that is what keeps you going. Twenty five years later, I still enjoy what I do.

  1. Stay Consistent

As you grow and develop into richer, higher heights, remain consistent, grounded and true to who you are.

  1. Embrace Technology 

When I started, I played vinyls. Times have changed now and I think I have managed to remain relevant because I have embraced technology. I can still play vinyl, I can’t forget that art form.

  1. Invest 

Invest and invest wisely. This cuts across all industries, making sure you make sound financial decisions. My biggest and best investment has been buying a home.

  1. Research

Keep researching. I spend a lot of my days studying hip hop, it’s origins, jazz then and now… whatever industry you’re in, do your research.

  1. Keep Time

I advocate for this. In my line of work, time is very important

  1. Honesty

I have seen DJs who have ruined their brands from booking three to four gigs in the same night and in an attempt to make extra money. Be an honest person.

  1. Remain humble

 You are never that big of a celebrity.

  1. Be patient

You have to enjoy the journey and in any sector, you have to put in the work. It doesn’t overnight.

  1. Give it your all

Being a DJ is not a part-time gig for me, it’s everything. If you want it to work out, you have to give it your all.

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