In Pictures; The launch of social media influencer Cris Njoki’s pop up store, IKOJN

One of Kenya’s leading fashion influencers, Cris Njoki recently celebrated the opening of her first ever solo pop up store at an official launch party held at the location of the store, Westgate Mall, Nairobi. The store is a one stop shop for her clothing line, IKOJN, which she says, reflects her personal style; trendy and confident. For the longest time, she had been operating as an online retailer. Fashion influencers, media personalities, celebrities, her family and friends were in attendance to offer their support at the launch.

IKOJN (pronounced eye-con; the J is silent) is her second name Njoki, spelt backwards. The collection features among other things, jackets, dresses, blazers, coats and skirts- all ready to wear designs. Additional pieces are set to be released later as the brand grows. Her love of fashion dates to her days at Mcensal School of Fashion Design where she studied the techniques and skills required to design, produce, and promote fashion.

American fashion designer Rachel Roy once said, “A great dress can make you remember what is beautiful about life” and Ms Njoki is determined to make women feel confident and special when they wear IKONJ designs. Since the start of her career in content creation, Cris Njoki, CEO and Creative Director – IKOJN has always used her star prowess to empower women in the digital creation space through her art and now she is excited to continue doing this, using this new medium: a fashion line of her own.

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