Chic & Elegant. Moët & Chandon’s Exclusive Champagne Tasting Event in Nairobi

Nothing quite marks – or even starts – a party like a bottle of Moët & Chandon, the world’s most loved champagne of success and glamour since 1743. It is a fact that a bottle of Moët & Chandon, is popped every second somewhere in the world, which means you’re never too far from a refreshing sip accompanied by a pristine glass and a gorgeous smile, whatever the occasion. On Friday 12th March 2021, Moët & Chandon hosted celebrities, media personalities, friends and consumers of the brand, to an exclusive champagne tasting event at the Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi, a leading 5 star destination known to offer the perfect fusion of European luxury and Kenyan hospitality. This was a splendid afternoon amongst beautiful, pleasant people with lots of good vibes; a Moet moment.

It was a one of a kind online tasting experience with Maison Moët & Chandon Charles de Pontevès (Sales Public Relations Director) taking the guests on a journey to Champagne, to discover the extraordinary assets of the Moët & Chandon house – its story, personality, know-how, and its fabulous range of champagnes. The distinguished guests invited, dolled up in their finest attire, setting the tone for a fantastic afternoon of non-stop bubbles.

An enduring love story from grape to glass, each bottle of Moët & Chandon overflows with the House’s hallmark values of history, generosity, savoir-faire, success, boldness and elegance—values still at the heart of its global appeal. From the moment your drink is poured into your glass to the time its aroma gets into your system and caresses your tongue, the champagne’s flavor lingers on. The guests were treated to a delightful indulgent 3 course meal at Lucca restaurant.

The event was also an occasion for Alexandre Helaine, Market Manager Eastern Africa Moët-Hennessy and Lucia Musau, the queen of Moët Moments and also founder of African Elite Group Ltd, to remind the guests to always celebrate life no matter the challenges and while at it, “Elevate the moment by making it a Moët Moment.” This sparkling libation makes us so very happy. Moët & Chandon has always been part of life’s most enjoyable and memorable moments.

When you’ve got fans like royalty across the world sipping the brand, it comes as no surprise to hear about the care and attention that goes into each bottle. A bright fruitiness, a seductive palate and an elegant maturity, Moët & Chandon’s style is wonderfully distinctive and is the perfect champagne for the day that won’t be forgotten.

The Moët & Chandon Style;

Moët Impérial Brut is the House’s iconic champagne. The delicious sumptuousness of white-fleshed fruits (pear, peach, apple)- a generous palate combining sumptuousness and subtlety. It is VIBRANT – GENEROUS – ALLURING.

Moët Impérial Rose is a spontaneous, radiant, romantic expression of the Moët & Chandon style. The juicy, persistent intensity of berries (strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant)- an expressive palate combining intensity and suppleness. It is ENTICING – RADIANT – SPONTANEOUS.

Moët Nectar has the captivating density of exotic fruits: pineapple and passion fruit- A voluptuous palate combining creaminess and vibrancy. It is EXOTIC, RICH, LIVELY.

Moët Nectar Imperial Rose is a sensual palate combining richness and freshness: The persistent intensity of red fruits. It is FLAMBOYANT, GOURMAND, VOLUPTUOUS.

Moët & Chandon is a luxury tied to the history, the artful wine-making process and the very essence of the champagne.

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