Nairobi City Centre at night: Must see 2021 breathtaking photos

Nairobi City Centre by day is a city literally choking in traffic jams and pollution, but at night when the curfew ‘checks in’ and the dazzling illuminations of the Central Business District skyscrapers shine bright like diamonds, this city transforms into one of the most beautiful places in East and Central Africa.

Every evening when the sun goes down, Nairobi city evolves into this gorgeous city of bright lights. Everywhere you look is something that demands your attention. You almost never want to see any other image of this city, apart from the night pictures.

Lifestyle, Commercial & Editorial photographer Maingi Kabera (@maingi_kabera), a dear friend of Capital Lifestyle, went out to capture these images on a mission dubbed, “These lights will inspire you.”

Nairobi City Centre lit up at night is amazingly beautiful- it will satiate you.

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