10 “Green Flags” Of a Healthy Relationship

One of the paradoxes of life is that we are wired to be unhappy, miserable, dissatisfied and safe. Which means, that we will always run towards what feels familiar and harmless while leaving behind what could potentially be extremely good for us and our wellbeing. For instance, just type the words “Red f” and you will immediately be flooded with articles and videos on “red flags in relationships” wanting to be clicked on. You will not get the same overwhelming results on your search engine when you type in “green f”. So I decided to take it upon myself and play the Angel’s advocate and talk about that which not so many people are willing to talk about because it evokes feelings of wholesomeness which somehow is alien to most of us and scares us human beings.

The Green Flags of dating …

A Green flag is a sign that indicates a good trait about someone or something. The term comes from the use of actual green-colored flags to tell people that they have permission to proceed, like when driving where there are traffic lights.

Green Flags on dating you should be aware of

1.You can talk for hours but it feels like minutes

You can lose the sense of time when you are with the right person. Enjoying each other’s company can be a sure bet that you really like each other. Having things to talk about while flirting and giggling and enjoying and appreciating the other person’s voice and laugh is a very good sign.

2.They actively listen to you

There’s nothing that says that someone is into you like when they actively try to keep a healthy conversation going with you. This could be simple things like remembering to route back to topics you may have veered off from, refers back to points you made earlier and even asking related questions for clarification from time to time while remembering the names of the people and things you may have mentioned while talking.

When you like someone, you want to know as much as you can about them like what are their hobbies, their favorite TV show, their interests, their taste in music, what makes them laugh etc. You show interest by listening to your date tell you about themselves because you want to get to know them better.

3.They are kind to the waiter

How your date treats the waiter can be a valuable insight into their character.

Are they kind, patient and respectful to the waiter? This can help you know how patient they are or not.

Paying attention to how your date treats the wait staff can give you a detailed insight about who they are and how they handle stress.

4.You can be silent around each other and it will not feel awkward

If you both can be silent around each other and still feel good and not bothered, that is a good sign that you are comfortable around each other.

It means that neither of you have to demonstrate anything more to prove your value as a partner and that there’s just one thing left to do which is to… enjoy your time together.

5.Being around them feels natural

It’s natural to feel a little nervous when you are meeting someone for the first time, but when you are with them and you feel calm and natural, this is a very good green flag.

6.They are not distracted by their phone while they are with you

When the person you are on a date with puts their phone away and gives you their undivided attention, could mean that they want to be fully engaged with you.

It shows that the time you spend together is important and valuable to them.

7.You find yourself smiling all the time

Smiling and feeling all giddy, especially when you have just been with them or talked to them could have green flags written all over your feelings.

The smiling could be courtesy of how they make you feel.

You can ask yourself these questions which will determine whether you would like to go on a second date with them.
Do they make you laugh?
Do you feel comfortable talking to them?
Are they kind to you and other people?
Do you feel happy around them?
Do you like who you are when you are with them?
Are you your authentic self around them?

Green Flags of a new relationship…

8.They’re flexible enough to do some things your way without being resentful, blaming or thinking they’ve ‘lost’.

9.Your close friends are big fans

When your friends who mean well and have the gift of discernment meet your person and they genuinely get a good vibration from them, that’s a really good sign.

10.You’re proud to call them your partner

Not being embarrassed to introduce them to other people and letting them know who this person is to you and what they do, is also a great sign .

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