Champagne, Oysters & More Opening night at Village Market

Oysters and Champagne are life’s little luxuries, so it only makes sense that they make the perfect pair when partaking with friends. Infact they are often classified as icons of glamor and pleasure, and as one American food critic once said, they are as much of an iconic duo as Chandler Bing is to Joey Tribbiani in the popular comedy series, F.R.I.E.N.DS. This combination has been the epitome of the perfect food pairing with a glass of bubbly highlighting the silky, smooth, creamy texture of oysters regardless of whether it is cooked or raw, a match made in heaven.

Moët & Chandon, the world’s most loved champagne, recently partnered with Oysters & More (a new restaurant at Village Market) to celebrate its grand opening; an event that brought together bubbly and fine dining lovers and Nairobi’s leading fashionistas. With oysters as its signature, the restaurant boasts of freshly shucked seasonal oysters from around the world, offering a staggering range of distinctive tastes and textures. Oysters are a sign of decadence.

Speaking at the event, Oysters & More Founder, Elena Kuoni expressed her excitement at the opening of the outlet and the Moët & Chandon partnership. “I am a true lover of the Moet & Chandon and I have been looking forward to this partnership. I want our guests to have the very best of quality and a one-of-a-kind experience that can only be found at Oysters & More.”

Oysters come in different sizes and flavor: some are saltier than others, some are bigger, some are firm, and no one type of oyster is better than the other, it is all about preference. They are often served on ice with both horseradish and cocktail sauce on the side as well as a lemon for squeezing and eaten on a plain saltine cracker as Chef Mohsine, a two-star Michelin chef, explained to the guests during the restaurant opening.

As a rule of thumb, a single serving is half a dozen oysters, so you can take your time to figure out which condiments you prefer. There is something primal about eating oysters- creamy and velvety and it’s often said, it’s like a kiss from the ocean. It is advisable to best slurp down your oyster with a glass of Moët & Chandon.

Celebrating life’s triumphant moments with elegance, extraversion and sensorial pleasure is the essence of Moët & Chandon. Every glass overflows with the House’s hallmark values of history, generosity, savoir-faire, success, boldness and elegance—values still at the heart of its global appeal.

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