Talisman Restaurant, an elegant gastrolounge; where they speak the good food language

Dining out has become part and parcel of our daily lifestyle that anyone and everyone indulges in. Everyone likes to go out to eat, right? And why not. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to dine out. For many, it gives them a chance to eat something different or simply try out something new. Dining out also gives people a chance to unwind in a quiet serene environment after a long day.

Situated in the heart of Karen, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Nairobi, you will find Talisman (or commonly referred to as Talo), an elegant upscale gastro lounge with an al fresco dining providing a leafy surround as an intimate dining destination for anything from an English breakfast to a three-course lunch/ evening meal with friends or simply a drink or two by the pub. The Talisman Restaurant, formally a residential living space, was originally occupied by the famous wildlife photographer and author Alan Root in his youth. It was then created by Ian and Charlie Cameron as a small family and friendly kitchen restaurant. Over the years, it has grown and grown big into arguably one of the must go to the restaurants in Nairobi.

There’s a common saying around the world, that foods are the fuels for our body. If there is no or less fuel, the body will shut down, shortly. So, to provide the fuel, we need the best foods so that the body gets the right nutrients.

Ray Cournede or simply call him Chef Ray, the head chef at Talisman, together with his team, have created with passion, a menu that speaks the language of food, a menu the chef describes as, “Good food cooked well, comforting and filling.” There is such a level of purity, freshness, and harmony in his dishes that you almost fall silent out of reverence for the dishes served, delivered on the hearty portions, managing to fuse creativity with classic cooking. “We use the best produce we can get our hands on a utilize it the best we can.” 

The famous sizzling Talisman Nyati Wings- a perfect mix of crispy, tender, and saucy, deliciously served with blue cheese and chive dip, and the Feta & Coriander Samosas with Chilli Ginger Jam which were simply scrumptious and finger licking- turned out to be the refreshing starters I did not know I needed. You cannot not have gone to Talisman and not had these two starters. You visit would then have not been complete.

The mains are a mix of beef, chicken and fish, which then gives you an assurance that you will find something there for you/everyone. The Juicy, succulent and melt-in-your-mouth tender Char-Grilled Fillet Steak with Potato Bhajia, Wasabi & Mustard Hollandaise was heavenly loaded with flavor. The chef will prepare your chosen steak exactly as you like it, ensuring it is cooked to perfection. As someone once jokingly said, “There is only one right way to eat a steak – with greed in your heart and a smile on your face.”

Talisman has stood the test of time with great serving quality and tasty food that has forever earned the restaurant a good reputation, causing customers to make return visits. “Our goal is to serve the best food and drink in a refined, but relaxed setting delivering a unique and exceptional experience,” that is what makes Talisman stand out from the rest, according to the Chef, who doubles as part of the management of the restaurant.

Talisman restaurant does not compromise when it comes to serving great food. Chef Ray says behind every plate is one hell of a journey and he is constantly pushing the boundaries and setting the bar in Kenya and beyond. (Ps. they observe all the COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines )

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