Men and Suicide

1. Many men equate their worth to money, when they don’t have money, they feel worthless.

2. Many men are living in isolation, loneliness will call out your negative thoughts.

3. Most men would rather talk about things that are competitive and lack emotions like sports and politics. They meet fellow men who equally want to run away from dealing with their emotions to argue about sports and politics to keep from dealing with their inner issues.

4. Most men who gather together at the bar, in church or other set ups are actually strangers to each other.

5. Death of a loved one is the one thing that forces men to confront their emotions.

6. Most men who watch a fellow man commit suicide, cry because they feel they have let a fellow brother down.

7. When a struggling young man grows up knowing that men surrounding him dealt with their pain through suicide, he might easily opt for suicide too. The men ahead should offer examples of hope to the young men and teach them to conquer inner battles by conquering their own inner battles.

8. In many relationships and marriages, men are causing drama to women and women are causing drama to men; but in most cases, in the end, the woman prevails and copes better emotionally because she has learnt to deal with her emotions, to accept help, to seek counselling, to lean on friends and family, and to run to God.

9. A lot of men are keeping things to themselves for fear of showing weakness and failure and because they feel society doesn’t care.

10. Men tend to have a hero mentality but sometimes a hero needs rescuing.

11. A lot of men feel edged out of their families and cry inside because of this. Fathers need to be appreciated and recognised for their contribution.

12. Men tend to easily come together in moments of crisis but lasting solutions are found when men consistently come together even when the crisis fades away or when there is no crisis.

13. The greatest fear of most men is the fear of vulnerability, where you let someone in and need someone. A lot of men fear being vulnerable so they run to physical things like cars and houses and want to acquire money so that they do not need anyone. This way, a lot of men end up self destructing with or without money because they are not attending to the emotional needs that make them human Men, we need to heal by desiring healing. Once we heal, we can help fellow men and the society heal.

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