Eat Chic: The Best Burgers in Nairobi

If you have tried a Sierra steak then I’m fairly certain you will not dispute a FNKY burger, by Sierra – a finely aged  steak in the form of a 150g patty placed between two brioche buns. Your burger can’t possibly get any better than that. If you haven’t then this will be just the right introduction to the Sierra family.

They are seriously passionate about burgers and with over 10 years dedicated to breeding, aging and grilling, you know they have perfected the art of cooking meat. 

Here is Capital Lifestyle’s shortlist of FNKY burger’s menu and a feast for your eyes through Abu Mburu’s lens that will help you understand why we’re obsessed.

You know what they say… “A concise menu is a sign of a confident chef.”

Notorious P.I.G

A Notoriously tasty classic, packed with the essentials that a burger should have. The breakdown is simple but effective: a juicy beef patty, strips of bacon, dripping cheddar cheese and fnky’s signature burger sauce.

Black and Bleu

It’s a science for them, you know? Just look at the burger above… enough said.  

If you ask for the Black and Bleu, you will be presented with a prime, aged beef patty topped with caramelised onions, blue cheese, fnky burger sauce served with your choice of fries or onion rings. Just the right kind of greasy you’re looking for in your comfort food.

Juicy Lucy

Notice the pun-naming yet?

Topped with cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and fnky burger sauce, juicy lucy is the right kind of word and with a well curated wine list –  Kleine zalze pinotage and cl sauvignon blanc from Sierra, this was a magical creation.

El Mariachi 

We strongly recommend El Mariachi: beef patty topped with guacamole, tomato chutney, jalapenos and fnky burger sauce.

Now, to fully enjoy the good meals that they all are, the love and devotion that they put into each burger, please do not order your meat at a temperature higher than medium-rare, even though they will be nice enough to make it however you wish. With temperature higher than that, odds are that you will ruin the texture and won’t taste the difference between high quality beef and a substandard cut. 

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