20 Personal Growth Instagram Profiles That Will Get You in The Right Headspace Throughout 2021

Instagram and Social media in general don’t always have to be the places you go for free entertainment that adds very little value to your life. In fact, since you can always choose what to consume, social media can be that space where you go to learn, heal and even grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Because sharing is caring and because the year is still new(and I would love to see all of you grow and heal) , I have compiled a list of my favorite 20 Instagram profiles that can help you achieve growth in one way or another and I believe will lead you to having a better 2021. Enjoy!


This page is all about healing and helping you to consciously create a new version of yourself.

2. @sunnybloomonspiration

This page is all about mental health, self care, growth…

3. @myselflovesupply

This page is all about self-love tips, self-care routines and healthy living inspiration.


This page is all about empowering women all around the world.


Dr. Heidi Green is a trauma specialist so her page is all about healing.


This page is all about providing you with the necessary healing and growth tips.

7. @healing-notes-

This page focuses on helping you develop respect, appreciation and unconditional love for yourself.

8. @werenotreallystrangers

This page is based on a card game that aims to help you achieve meaningful connections in life.

The game mostly forces you to ask yourself some tough questions and answer them truthfully. But that’s the only way you can heal and grow ey?

9. @gratefulness.me

This page is based on an app with the same name and mainly focusses on the power of Gratitude.

10. @youversion

You Version is based on the Bible app with the same name and it focuses on helping you seek God everyday.

11. @living_christian

This page is all about daily biblical inspiration and guidance through social posts.

12. @biblelockscreens

This page by Ryan Maher is all about posts that give daily Bible encouragement.

13. @buddhaquotes

If you are looking for positive life quotes (based on Buddha teachings) that encourage you to live a more fulfilling life, then this is the page for you.

14. @jayshetty

Jay Shetty is a purpose coach which means he teaches you how to live a life full of purpose.

15. @steven

This page is all about personal growth and also focuses on the hard truths. Forces you to be vulnerable with yourself so that you can heal.

16. @talk2spirit

Spirit is the Love Goals show host. She knows so much about matters of the heart and emotional wellbeing.

17. @createthelove

Mark Groves is a human connection specialist and because he runs the page @createthelove , the page is all about that.

18. @narcisssist.sociopath.awareness2

If you have gone through emotional abuse whether from your parents, spouse, friend, boss or even your own kids then this page will give you some insight on what you need to know and do and will also help you achieve some level of closure after the abuse you have been through.


If you are an empath, you have likely passed through the hands of a narcissist. This page will offer you some support.

20. @moonomens

This page focuses on bringing deep insight and tools to help you understand the omens and signs that surround us all.

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