8 Ways To Cozy Up This Holiday Season

Have you heard of the term “HYGGE” pronounced “Hoo-ga”? No? Then let me enlighten you a little.

Hygge is a Danish word that basically means a calm, comfortable time spent with people you love. A complete absence of frustrations or anything emotionally overwhelming. It entails enjoying your time with good food and drinks, warm blankets and lots of candlelight .

The term Hygge roughly translates to “COZY” in English. So basically, the cozy, stress-free life.

Here’s how to adopt Hygge and cozy up your life :

Embrace your faith

Having Faith is an expression of hope that you believe in a higher power. That there is something and someone higher and larger than yourself. Also a hope and belief in a better tomorrow. Congregating an with like-mined Faithfuls builds that faith. Attending special holiday events will also enrich the season.

Spend some time in nature

Achieve inner peace by embracing the contrast of the seasons. The Holiday season is always a happier one and so spending time outdoors will calm, rejuvenate, and remind you how much bigger and beautiful the world is. While out there, take in and enjoy the scenery.

Bring the outdoors inside

Bringing the outdoors inside looks like decking your halls with some freshly gathered pinecones or greenery or even bare branches that will work as decor for a while. This helps to expand your space to include the beauty of the world that surrounds us and bringing harmony with it.

Light candles

Bring in the beauty, warmth and “coziness” to your days by lighting candles. The warm glow of candles will inspire hope, kinship and imagination. During the holiday season, it is encouraged to spend evenings with your favorite people over hot drinks and good food shared in a candle-filled ambience.

Live simply and free from clutter

For a great flow of energy in your home, it is always best to have an organized, clutter-free space. Remove any household clutter that seems to add stress and distracts from that which is most important — happy times with family and loved ones.

Get Baking

Baking and the wonderful aromas that come wit it is everything! Baking offers the quintessential aroma of coziness to your home. Baking, anything really, will permeate your home with a feeling of well-being. And of nourishment.

Invite people who spark joy in your life into your home

During the holidays, it is important to fill your home and table with people and of course good food to go with the merry times. Inspire conversation in a relaxed environment with simple, healthy and hearty food. Make it worthwhile and memorable while at it. Play games, share funny stories, create memories.

Add natural textures and warmth to your home

Ensure to decorate your space with nature’s own hues of natural beauty. Adding hygge to your home is also about embracing elements that add comfort and joy. Add layers or texture in sumptuous throws and pillows. And remember to display family photos or treasured heirlooms.

A Hygge holiday season in a nutshell:

Create a feeling of coziness and contentment through life’s simple pleasures


Create a cozy and serene environment.


Use a clean space. Decorate with meaningful items. Play relaxing music.


Surround yourself with nature.


Take a sunset stroll. Decorate with pine cones and twigs. Keep plants and flowers


Make yourself comfortable


Fashion is irrelevant. Wear yoga pants or sweat pants. Thick socks will do the trick


Connect with loved ones


Invite friends over. Call or facetime a family member. Have a date night. Gather round and tell stories


Use light that is warm and low


Light candles. Use multiple light sources. Light more candles. Take advantage of natural light


Give in to your cravings


Bake a treat. Make hot cocoa. Enjoy a candlelight dinner


Slow down and be in the moment

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