Private dining at Sankara Nairobi: A concept and why you should consider this for your next date/ meeting

When you have an important occasion or a business lunch approaching or simply a leisurely lunch date, having your own private dining room with utmost privacy can make a whole lot of difference and the experience all the more special and safe, particularly now in this new era of social distancing, which is the new normal.

Sankara Nairobi Autograph Collection, a contemporary five star hotel in Westlands, has introduced a delightful Private Dining concept on the 2nd floor adjacent to the elegant Art Atrium of the hotel. What was formally the executive suites on this floor, are now 11 spacious dining rooms, offering you the perfect intimate exclusive setting and ambiance. These rooms can be altered to reflect your intention- business meeting or date setting. The flexibility is a plus.

With a view of the ever evolving, vibrant and distinctly urban vibe of Nairobi city through the large panoramic windows here, these private dining rooms are a mix of a unique intimate chic design and a dose of elegance with walnut wooden walls, complete with a flat screen smart TV for catching on news or game day matches or simply for entertainment while you dine. Other in-room amenities include tea/coffee making facilities, a mini-bar that is stocked on request, and a private restroom.

The rooms are open from 12noon to 8pm.

First things first, guests have access to the Art Atrium, a cozy lounge area where guests can relax or use as a holding area before being ushered into their preferred private dining rooms. The Atrium houses a carefully curated collection of contemporary African art offering an emotional connection to Nairobi’s rich culture throughout the property.

Once you settle into your private dining, you enjoy absolute privacy. You are guaranteed of no disruptions from the hustle and bustle of the main restaurant. At this juncture, some of the occasions that comes to mind, we’re talking dates/ lunch or dinner. When was the last time you and your partner had one, just the two of you? A special time out together to enjoy each other’s company and catch up?

You want some privacy to accompany such a moment where the two of you can just be and this concept of private dining fits just the bill for it. Or what about Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or even an engagement proposal, when you really want to knock her socks off. Proposing to your loved one should be one of the most special days of your life and you want to do it right while still in most cases, making it private affair. This right private dining experience is your ideal scenario and Sankara Nairobi Autograph Collection is giving you the ideal ambiance and set up for this.

When you opt for private dining, you get to choose from their signature restaurant, Graze menu, with a delicious array of cuisines designed to indulge your inner gourmand. Graze is a modern take on the New York-style steakhouse, offering aged beef, succulent seafood and indulgent desserts paired to perfection with eclectic wines and whiskies from some of the finest producers in the world. Steak is king. Steak is what other meat wishes it could be.

There’s a reason this popular steakhouse has been around; it is an ethos of delicious food, simplicity and sophistication that makes it the reigning World Luxury Restaurant Awards Continent winner in the Luxury Steakhouse/Grill category. This is where you find the finest cut meat grilled to perfection. The steaks at Graze is what one describes as “the fulfilment of your gustatory dreams”. Now imagine enjoying this in the beautiful cozy confines of your private dining room? Simply fantastic. Exactly Like Nothing Else!

This floor has its own service team that are tasked to provide personalized service that is natural, uncomplicated and unobtrusive, to ensure all guest needs are attended to. This means you get assigned a personal waiting staff who will be at your beck and call throughout your dining, therefore for you assured the highest dress of attentiveness. To be honest, personalized service and attention elevates our experiences and gives you a sense of pride, joy and satisfaction, and ultimately wins your loyalty. It is truly the key to creating an unforgettable guest experience and Sankara Nairobi Autograph Collection delivers on this, carefully curating tailor-made experiences for guests, designed with a creative flair that that captures your heart and soul

Next time you want to elevate your dining experience, you now know where to go. The Private dining facilities combines the best bits of your favorite restaurant (menu, service, interiors) with the privacy of a dinner party at home, and a sprinkling of something special; perfect for your confidential business dinners or special celebrations of all kinds. Think date nite, proposal/ engagement, business lunch meeting etc.

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