7 unique experiences when you stay at The Charming Hemingways Nairobi, the pinnacle of fine living

You deserve a break. Yes, you really do deserve one after what has probably been the longest year mankind has ever had, 2020. Speaking of which, is there a better way to relax than going to a gorgeous location and forgetting about everything?

Giving yourself some time off from your work means you are practicing self-care, to feel completely rejuvenated to be able to face the future and what that means, is going on holiday. Now, while borders are gradually reopening, you might not really be quite ready to travel abroad, right? Well not to worry. There’s a silver lining to all this. This is the perfect time for a staycation in Nairobi, and not just anywhere but at an establishment that elevates the standard of luxury living and experience because that is what we all need, after what 2020 has thrown at us. Well, look no further than Hemingways Nairobi.

Tucked away in one of Nairobi’s most affluent neighborhoods, is Hemingways Nairobi, a luxury five star boutique hotel in Karen that prides itself in providing exceptional guest experiences and service, ensuring the utmost comfort and luxury. This is their core duty and you will see why when you get a chance to visit.

With a gleaming view of the pastel green and white exterior as you make your way to the grand lobby, you get a good feeling that you are about to experience luxury at its finest. Alastair Addison, Hemingways’ collection CEO once said in one of the local dailies, that they were very intentional in making the entrance grand “so that when our guests get here they immediately get the sense that they have arrived at a very impressive place that meets, and even exceeds their high standards.”

It is at this point that you find yourself either taking out your camera to capture this view or start planning in your mind, that once you are settled in, you are definitely coming back to take pictures of the grand lobby, an instagrammable structure of architectural beauty.  

These are the 7 incredible regal experiences when you stay at Hemingways Nairobi

Personal Butler

On arrival, you are received and assigned a personal butler who will be available from the moment you touch down at the hotel, to the hour when he or she expertly packs your bags for departure. This bespoke or personalized service during the duration of your stay, is certainly a luxurious touch to have.

He or she upon arrival, will walk you through your room’s amenities, unpack/ pack your belongings, make your meal reservations from asking about your preference for beverage service, to even inquiring about any dietary restrictions you might have. The point of all this is to provide seamless, and impeccable service for the duration of your stay. You don’t have to call the front desk for any assistance. The butler is a phone call away at Hemingways Nairobi.


At Hemingways Nairobi, you don’t ‘just stay in a room’. Instead, what you get are signature suites that embody an expressly residential style that is equally warm and refined. The suites are spacious, lofty, expansive rooms with a large private terrace overlooking the beautiful well-manicured gardens, carefully crafted with a melody of space and light in mind, giving it the intimate feel of a private urban residence.

The Large en-suite bathrooms feature walk-in closets, double vanity units and separate bath, shower and WC. This is a room made for spending time in. Each of the Suites is named after a famous person or place associated with Kenya, which truly gives it’s a historical feel and alignment. There are 45 high-ceilinged suites, two of which are penthouse style Presidential Suites and 43 Junior Suites culminating in vaulted beams including The Hemingway Suite.

The Hemingway Suite balances elegance and grandeur in a truly remarkable setting. With a master bedroom consisting of a very spacious en-suite bathroom featuring a walk-in closet, standalone bath, shower and WC, and a separate terrace looking out over the rolling lawns and Ngong Hills, it is ideal for those seeking an extra level of comfort and luxury.

Afternoon Tea

A truly enchanting experience at Hemingways Nairobi not to be missed is Afternoon Tea. There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to this British tradition. Relax and enjoy every minute of it because when having afternoon tea, time stops.

The setting is serene and magical, the atmosphere relaxed and refined against the backdrop of the Ngong Hills in the horizon as you enjoy a beautiful display of an irresistible assortment of sandwiches, freshly baked scones served with rich Cornish clotted cream, along with a selection of crafted cakes and pastries. Nothing encapsulates the true spirit of Britain quite like an afternoon tea.

Iconic sunset and sunrise views

With panoramic views of Ngong Hills, Hemingways Nairobi is actually one of the best sunrise and sunset spots.  Whether you’re an early riser, or more a fan of sundowners, there is a perfect sun-gazing vantage point for you here.

The surreal setting of sunrise and sunset, always brings out the natural beauty of the planet we all share from the warm red colors, to the dancing shadows, or the soft light, and both are beautiful memories to capture every morning/ evening. ‘There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.’- Jo Walton.

Day Trips;

Today’s increasingly savvy traveler wants to explore beyond the confines of the hotel and perhaps the most welcome one is the rise of unique experiences that immerse guests in the local environment. Hemingways Nairobi is located near some of the city attractions and they do arrange for you, short day trips to some of these places including Giraffe center, Kazuri and a visit to the famous Ngong Hills for some amazing views of the city from this vintage point.

The Giraffe Centre which has become a world-famous Nature Education Centre, gives local and international visitors an opportunity to come into close contact with the world’s tallest species, the giraffe. It is a very unique place to see, feed, handle and even kiss the giraffes.

Kazuri is home to top quality Ceramic Jewelry and Pottery. Each bead is shaped from clay by hand, then kiln fired, hand glazed and fired again before being strung to make a necklace or bracelet.

A visit to the workshop and craft centre will take around one hour and here you will see the various processes. A knowledgeable guide will show you around where you will see the whole process, from start to the finished products that are brightly-coloured, handmade ceramic jewelry.

Kazuri, which means “small and beautiful” in Swahili, began in 1975 as a tiny workshop experimenting In making ceramic beads made by hand.

Ngong Hills offers a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain ranges, a sight to cherish and enjoy. The forest covers an area of 3077.6 ha. It is managed by Kenya Forest Service (KFS). You can take part in any of these activities hiking, picnic, viewing, camping and much more. It is also a photographers’ paradise.

Fine dining at The Brasserie

Hemingways Nairobi is the ultimate experience of fine dining. Archie, the Executive Chef, creates this culinary haven that will excite your senses, pique your curiosity and tickle your palate to want to almost immediately sample the meals from the moment you see the names on the menu board.

Whichever cuisine takes your fancy, Hemingways Nairobi has a variety of foods capable of taking your breath away. The service accompanying your stay is affable, clued-up and perfectly paced to make you feel at one with the world.

Spa / Gym/ Pool

Whether you want to work up a sweat in the gym or enjoy a relaxing swim in the pool, Hemingways Nairobi has got you covered. The gym features the latest in fitness technology, while the 15m outdoor heated swimming pool is surrounded by a relaxation area which has comfortable loungers for you to relax on. Swimming pools are the heart and center of action of a luxury hotel worth your money.

The Spa at Hemingways Nairobi offers a collection of unique facial and body treatments that are linked with the beneficial effects of aromatic products aimed at both women and men.

These facilities will take you into a world where time is left outside the door and you journey through our face and body therapies of pure indulgence “tailor made to suit you”.

Hemingways Nairobi is the ultimate experience of fine living. In today’s world, enhancing guest experience is more important now than it ever has been in the past. Look around you and you will notice that the most successful brands not just in hospitality industry, but across the board, credit their success to their customer-centric culture, after all, experiences are the most valuable currency.

Next time don’t just hear and read about it, go ahead and book and stay at The Hemingways Nairobi, a place of exceptional guest experiences and service, ensuring the utmost comfort and luxury, practically perfected the art de vivre.

(Special shout out the entire team at Hemingways Nairobi who made this staycation possible including Director Mr Ross Evans, GM Mr Richard Kimenyi and Charity Katago, founder and director of Riverwood Communications)

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