Workstyle: Best Office Space for Startups & Freelancers

In a series, Capital Lifestyle has been highlighting beautifully-designed, modern offices with excellent amenities that used to be a luxury only profitable companies could afford.

The commercial property landscape has changed so much that now start-ups and freelancers can access these amenities through shared workspaces.

Nairobi being Kenya’s hub, is seeing new startups formed every day and as a result the demand for shared spaces has rocketed. In this series, we visited Workstyle, a creative co-working space located at The Address on Muthangari Drive.

This is one of the best looking office spaces in Nairobi designed to help you get inspired and creative – from the airy interior, a lounge fitted with a library and in-house Art Cafe, private offices, think pods, meeting rooms amongst other facilities.

Designed and owned by two partners, Workstyle’s goal is to provide freelancers with a flexible office plan that does not require them to sign long leases and contracts.

Work style also offers private offices for long and short-term leases making it an welcome environment for any business.

Next time you’re at home sitting in PJs or struggling to find inspiration and stay productive, remember this ridiculously nice office space.

If your office is nice-looking, please contact me: for a feature on Capital Lifestyle.

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