How To Improve Your Emotional Well-being This October

“Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams, according to your vision and purpose, instead of the expectations and opinions of others” – Roy Benet

There are multiple, important moving parts that make up our overall well-being and it is equally important to make sure that these various aspects of our well-being are cared for in the right way.

There are eight specific dimensions to overall wellness that we all need to be aware of as human beings. They are:
Physical Wellness
Intellectual Wellness
Financial Wellness
Environmental Wellness
Spiritual Wellness
Social Wellness
Occupational Wellness and
Emotional Wellness

Since October is Emotional wellness month, we are going to focus on that today.

Emotional wellness refers to the ability to express feelings, enjoy life, and deal with emotional challenges.
It means that you know how to handle and express your feelings in the most positive way possible as well as be able to drive positive change in your life.

A little confused about what all this means? Well, here are signs to help guide you to know if you are emotionally healthy:

1.You like yourself and who you are as a person

2.You treat others well and you genuinely care for others.

3.You are empathic towards others.

4.You have a flexible mind (you can cope well in most situations and you think things through before acting).

5.You have meaning in your life.

6.You have an attitude of gratitude

7.You understand your emotions… sadness, anger, joy, excitement, fear, anxiety, insecurity…

8.You value experiences over earthly possessions.

Happy people

Having emotional intelligence is an important part of putting your emotional wellness to work in all aspects of your life.
Building yourself up, knowing your worth, being respectful to others, being open and genuine and being aware of your mental health (knowing how to handle the stresses of life) can help you build emotional awareness.

“Remember, you are in control of how you show up in the world. I hope you choose to be big and not shrink for the comfort of others. Give yourself permission to take up space and bloom wildly without regret.” –Alex Elle

Take note of the following tips in order to promote your emotional awareness:

-Build yourself up (have confidence)

-Know your worth

-Don’t expect anything from anyone

-Seek or accept help and support from others when needed

-Treat others with respect and respect their boundaries

-Don’t take things personally

-Express your feelings openly and genuinely

-Be aware of your own mental health (know how to handle the stresses of life)

-Be kind to yourself and don’t expect too much of yourself

-Aim for progress, not perfection

-Celebrate your small achievements

-Take the time to rest and recharge

-Have faith in yourself no matter what

-Acknowledge your mistakes and shortcomings and work on them

-Indulge in the things you love

-Be around people who feel like sunshine. Avoid toxic people and relationships

-Be grateful

-Believe and trust

-Live, Laugh, Love

-Forget about pleasing people

-Don’t rush yourself. Grow up at your own pace

-Appreciate your life. Do not compare yourself with others

-Accept the things that you have no control over

-Forgive yourself and others and let go of grudges

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