Tomoca Coffee Opens First International Store at Two Rivers Mall

Let’s start by raising a cup, in honour of International Coffee Day that was yesterday, the official opening of Tomoca’s first store in Kenya and most importantly for making it this far in 2020. A year that has been unusual to say the least. 

The coffee scene in Nairobi is actually very interesting. We get to enjoy the best of both worlds, from coffee drinkers who take the origin of a bean and the depth of a roast very seriously, to ‘let’s grab a coffee’ – you know, instead of directly asking someone out on a date, this is the new request.

Regardless of the side you’re on, whether you’re part of the ubiquitous pop culture or you’re genuinely a coffee addict, allow me to give you a great coffee experience.

Tomoca is a family owned business founded in 1953 that became the first coffee roasting company in Ethiopia to provide roasted and ground coffee to the local and international markets.

Their long-standing expertise in roasting and curing is the reason you can now enjoy excellence served in a transparent cup in the form of Macchiatos, spruce and Cafe au Lait in Kenya. 

The Two Rivers space is contemporary with an achingly-cool minimalist interior and an airy deck facing the waterfront.

Friday 25th September, Tomoca officially opened it’s doors to Kenyans, shared what an authentic Ethiopian experience truly looks and feels like. From coffee tasting to their famously known folk dancers with the distinctive shoulder movements and a chance to connect with friends over a good cup of coffee.

“Thank you for welcoming us into Kenya and Two Rivers. I want to thank my partner in the regional family of Tomoca, Mr. Wondwossen Meshesha.

We really appreciate you all for coming out here today and being with us as we celebrate. It’s been one of my goals to bring Tomoca to Kenya for the last four years and I’m happy that the day is here,” Said Amir Yusuf, Managing Director, Tomoca coffee Africa.

Amir Yusuf, Managing Director, Tomoca coffee Africa.
Left to right: Amir Yusuf, Managing Director, Tomoca coffee Africa, Meles Alem, Ethiopian ambassador to Kenya and Wondwossen Meshesha, Regional Partner Tomoca.

“We came to Nairobi just for a visit and fell in love with the city and we spontaneously decided to expand to this market. A year later, we are here! I hope Kenyans and foreigners who live in Nairobi will enjoy Tomoca the way Ethiopians have over the last 68 years.

We are now in  Kenya to value-add Kenyan, Ethiopian and Rwandan coffee. Thank you,” Said Wondwossen Meshesha, Regional Partner Tomoca.”

Capital group Chairman and Director at Centum Investment, Dr Chris Kirubi who graced the event said, “I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Tomoca to the Kenyan market and Two Rivers mall. This is an incredible addition to the mall and on behalf of the entire team, we wish you the very best.”

Left to right: Amir Yusuf, Managing Director, Tomoca coffee Africa, Dr. Chris Kirubi, Chairman, Capital Group Ltd and Director Centum Investments and Wondwossen Meshesha, Regional Partner Tomoca.

In a statement by Ethiopian ambassador to Kenya, Mr Meles Alem who graced the event, “I am deeply honoured to grace the launch of Tomoca in Nairobi, a city in the sun. As an Ethiopian who has spent two thirds of his life in Kenya, I have fallen in love with this country.

Kenya and Ethiopians are not just neighbours, we are beyond that. We are the same people, we are an extension of each other and we complement each other. Our relationship has been like a peaceful marriage.

I am very happy to see that Tomoca has now extended it’s hand to Kenya. I would also like to invite Kenyan businessmen and women to go and start businesses in Ethiopia because at the end of the day we want to put Ugali and injera on our tables.”

Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya, Mr Meles Alem
Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya, Mr Meles Alem
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