Nairobi Garage: Reasons Why You should Consider A Co-working Space

It is difficult to predict what post COVID-19 offices will look like and even harder to imagine what workers will find when they return to their offices. While we prepare ourselves for a return, we would like to show you, in no particular order, our favourite office spaces in the country and companies that have paid more attention to their staff work environment.

We have picked offices that respond and cater to the human needs of its users, from nursing mothers, prayer rooms, think pods, detox rooms and other unique features. If you missed our first feature, you can read that here.

Nairobi Garage is a co-working office space with four outlets in the city, each with its own unique vibe – so no matter where you live or what your office style is, you will be able to find a space that motivates you to work.

If you thrive in a simple, minimalist work environment, then you will absolutely adore the interior space of the Spring Valley branch, located on the first floor of The Promenade on General Mathenge Drive.

Whether you are a freelancer or even an established business, you can sign up for membership or rent the space from one day to a month to a year and experience benefits like access to meeting rooms, shared printers and other benefits without having to sign long-term leases.

This vibrant co-working space and networking hub is a perfect mix of industrial and open-concept layout with black and white decor, potted plants, light fixtures and cosy furniture.

The common working space is open and airy, all you need to do is bring your laptop, pick an open seat and get to work. The desks are well spaced out to ensure that you are far apart from the next person.

In addition to providing a beautiful, safe space, Nairobi Garage has responded to the human needs of it’s users with a nursing room for mothers and a prayer room.

Being a shared space, the office has dedicated pods that serve as think pods and private space to answer calls without interrupting the other users.

If your office is due for an upgrade, we hope this inspires you and your colleagues to create an awe-inspiring design and if this is your office, please contact me: for a feature on Capital Lifestyle.

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