Here’s What Your Favorite Scent Says About You

We all love a good scent, don’t we? But while that statement is true we have to also recognize that not all noses were created equal. While some noses are drawn to citrusy scents, others prefer woody scents or floral scents or linen scents etc. And because of that we can’t all be the same (which is a good thing). Our preferred scents and fragrances can tell a lot about our personalities, so let’s just jump right in and find out what this link between preferred scents and personality is all about.


You may be considered an Alpha male or female.
Your are Strong-minded, energetic, ambitious, natural leader.
Fruity smells are bright and refreshing and if you are drawn to these kinds of scents then you like to be the boss as you may be viewed as dominant and aggressive.
You may also be irritable, cranky, pessimistic, sarcastic and easily annoyed.


Floral scent lovers are delicate and predict a sympathetic nature.

Rose – People in this category are thoughtful, shy, introspective, and sensitive to the needs of others, naturally conscious and considerate.

Lavender– Caring, selfless, attentive, yet reserved… have a huge, close-knit network of friends, are sexually reserved but curious.
Value friendship and tend to work well in a group.
You are easy to be around.

Gardenia – Never flakes, follows through on set plans.
Steady and dependable, enjoys safe and secure relationships, followers more than leaders, team players and people pleasers, maintain friendships and never loses touch with friends.

Jasmine – crave novelty, enjoy new and exciting adventures, provocative, party animals who enjoy a good time, loves dancing and don’t care what people think about you.


When you hear the word vanilla, you think boring and dull right? But when it comes to fragrances, vanilla is anything but boring and dull. Vanilla scent lovers love being social, meeting new people, always down to have a good time.
Lively, energetic, life of the party, fun-loving, the social butterfly.


Fresh laundry scent lovers are Self-confident, instinctual, goal/action-oriented and always up for a challenge.
You enjoy pushing your endurance to the limits
Have a “anything is achievable with hard work” mentality
Competitive in games and debates.


No-nonsense, Perfectionsist, over-achiever, gets things done and very likely to have a type A personality.
Have high expectation of self and of others and are very self-critical.


Earthy, warm and spicy scent lovers tend to be Mature, confident, sometimes edgy or unapologetic. You know what you want and you go for it!

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