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  1. Avatar Polkot January 18th, 2014 at 11:11 am

    Sir, first tell us what you saw Angola do to be united? What is their secrete to the success that your are gloating and salivating about? Hmmm! Uhuru, you are in a position to change Kenya for the better. The petty politics that you want Kenyans to abandon can only be done by your example. Do what Nelson Mandela did to S Africa by unifying the people trough common sense. Mandela never allowed ‘my people’ syndrome into his head. He made Buthelezi acting president when the white minority tried to use him to create political friction! What have you done to unite this country Kenya? Nothing, only made it worse and then you speak of petty politics! The problem is you. You can stop tribalism in this country in a year or promote it for many years to come in a day, through how you do things! You and your deputy are the ones to stop this nonsense you call petty politics now. Be wiser leaders, not ‘my people’ pathetic leaders. It is ‘your people’ who will bring Kenya to its knees. Sometimes one must make painful decisions for his people to save them from themselves. Tafakari!


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