5 Experiences that Make Nairobi A Unique City

The key to visiting any city, no matter where you are in the world  is to do what a local would do, and do it with a tour guide who is not only extremely passionate about the history of the city but shares unique stories and is also in contact with the local realities and artisans.

You will be amazed at how much more personal your experience could be when you’re guided by someone who is connected to the city and its people.

Nairobi is a city like no other in the world: culturally diverse, fast paced, vibrant art and graffiti, stunning natural landscapes in its outskirts and a buzzing party life waiting for you day and night.

The thing with Nairobi is that it can be seriously overwhelming with the crowded streets and serious traffic so you have to be devoted to exploring and with the right amount of curiosity for you to find its charm.

Here are five experiences we have carefully curated for you to have an unforgettable time full of enchanting adventure in the city.

1.Uhuru Park view point

Did you know that Nairobi has an observation deck at the top of Uhuru Park? Well now you do.

Visit this viewpoint preferably by 6 AM and take it all in as the sun rises over Nairobi’s skyline. 

As we all know, there’s nothing like an African sunrise and this will be absolutely worth it. 

2. Nairobi National Park

An escape to nature might mean a walk through one of the six trail parks in the city but in Nairobi you mustn’t be afraid to dream bigger. The Nairobi National park is well known for being the only game park in the world within a city. 

The park, on 30,000 acres with wide open grass plains and the cityscape as its backdrop, is home to over 400 species including four of the big five: Lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard.

Visitors can enjoy a day trip escape from the city with the game drives, picnic sites, three campsites and walking trails

We recommend that you take the early morning game drive and spend your morning soaking in the sweeping views and mesmerising wildlife all in a day’s trip.

3. The Green City Under the Sun

Nairobi has the highest population density compared to any other city in Kenya with an average of 4,850 residents per square kilometre, according to world population review. Thankfully, the city also provides green spaces that are an escape from the everyday hustle of urban life.

Residents and tourists can enjoy solitude, fresh air, birds chirping at 7 of the city’s green spaces. We visited Oloolua nature trail in Karen which is also a primate research centre. If you’re visiting the city you can visit any of the other green spaces; Karura Forest, Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary, Nairobi Arboretum, City Park, Central Park, Uhuru Park and Jeevanjee gardens.

Remember our parks represent pockets of quiet which is the very best of Nairobi outdoors and it is our responsibility to keep them clean, litter free for us and future generations to enjoy.  Whenever you’re in any of these parks, clean up after yourself and leave it as you found it, if not better.

4. Go Karting

For racing enthusiasts, thrill seekers, those looking for an adrenaline-charged activity or if you just want to have some fun, Go Karting should be a no brainer.

Just take a short drive to GP-Karting located off Langata road and here you will get to head to head with friends and family, or with complete strangers as you get the real racing experience at their outdoor racing track.

5. City Heritage and Monument tour

To truly understand Nairobi’s history and heritage you need to take a city tour visiting monuments, green spaces, art galleries, streets and buildings that date back to the early 1900’s.

Kenya’s largest flag and flag post
Memorial to the victims of torture and ill treatment during colonial era
Freedom Corner celebrating the late Nobel Peace Laureate and Green Belt Movement Founder, Professor Wangari Maathai

All images and special city tour courtesy of Turnup Travel

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