Gallery: Nairobi Tamed Streets After Curfew

Nairobi is typically a culturally diverse, fast paced city with vibrant graffiti, art, busy cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and buzzing nightclubs. In fact, the only thing that moves slowly in Nairobi is the traffic.

With the current 7 PM to 5 AM government imposed lock-down and as humanity tries to contain the spread of COVID-19 by quarantining at home, the city has been deserted, particularly in the night.

Are you noticing more and people on the road lately? Well, you’re not imagining things.

Nairobi is slowly opening its doors with businesses reopening, busy streets, more traffic and people outside despite not demonstrating a downward trajectory of cases over the last 14 days as laid out by the Ministry of Health.

While the country looks forward to President Kenyatta’s statement on the nationwide curfew and the cessation of inter-county movement, we are obsessed with the little pollution, peace and quite that has been Nairobi, the empty streets that are working in favour of cyclists and pedestrians. 

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