Celebrating International Burger Day with Sierra and FNKY Burger

It’s 28th May and guess what day it is? International Burger Day!

In all honesty noone was waiting for this day considering the circumstances and the pandemic we are currently facing but allow me to get that off your mind for a moment.  You’re not going to be disappointed.

While it’s not a deal exclusive foodie holiday, let us dive into the delicious and vibrant menu by FNKY Burger and Sierra Burger and wine.

Frenchie burger with Onion rings from Sierra
Notorious P.I.G with guacamole by FNKY Burger
Juicy homemade cheddar cheese and bacon burger
Blue Cheese Bacon Burger by Nabo Bistro
Bearnaise sauce burger
Sierra blue cheese burger
Notorious P.I.G with guacamole by FNKY Burger
All Images Courtesy of FNKY Burger

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