Drool Worthy Home Offices That Will Make You, Well, Drool…

Working from home can be quite a challenge, especially for those of us whose work situations see us either working from the bed, from the coffee table, the sofa, the dining table, the balcony…which are all situations that are neither ergonomic nor good for our backs and which makes working from home so demotivating.

Not knowing how long this COVID-19 pandemic will have us working from home and it’s environs like the toilet (for those who this is the only place they can get some work done whilst hiding from their rambunctious children). Or the kitchen, because work has to be done and madam nanny is also self-isolating and you have to cook for the above-mentioned rambunctious kids… I took it upon myself to look for some inspiring home office ideas to help motivate you to create yourself a beautiful home office where you can lock yourself up in your beautiful space (and minus the rambunctious children) and work your way to greatness while literally isolating yourself. See? I gotchu!

Home Office Ideas For Men

The main idea here is to go exactly for your taste. Make your home office as mysterious as you want it to feel like.

Paint the walls with colors that will suit your style whether you are going with simple, sophisticated, a bit playful, the choice is yours.

Pick your furniture, your light fixtures, your bookshelves thoughtfully to depict exactly who you are and what your taste is like.

Home Office Ideas For Women

Spaces that feel airy and light are always most suited for women.

Choose a room that has a lot of natural light (or just just set up your office furniture facing the window or towards the window), install some light-colored furniture (preferably white or natural light wood color), add a light rug, a beautiful chandelier and voila!

Unisex Home Office Ideas

For Unisex spaces, just mix and match up your items. Pair items that have colors that are easy on the female eye with items that work for the male eye as well.

For example, combine a massive and strong light fixture with white/pink chairs that have some gold detail on them and you have a winning unisex space combo!

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