13 Fun Things To Do at Home While Trying to Avoid the COVID-19

Being cooped up in the house for days/weeks on end is not necessarily a bad thing. Not unless you have always been one of those people who are peripatetic in nature and this self-isolating thing is giving you major anxiety. If you belong in the latter category of people, I’m sorry I can’t be of much help to you but if you are the type of person that can sit still for a couple of minutes at a time, then this article has your name written all over over it.

We are working from home alright, but working from home comes with its own perks. Like we get to hang out with the kids a little bit more than usual, we save on commuting time, we save on fuel… the list goes on.Whether you are isolated in the house by yourself, with your partner or your whole family (kids, siblings…whichever case applies to you), then I’ve got what I would like to think of as some great ideas for you to try.

Some of these ideas will not only get you off the sofa/working-at-home desk but will help you work your creative juice muscle, have some fun and some laughs, stimulate your brain, learn a few things here and there and engage better with the people in your household as well as give you brownie points for doing something that you didn’t know you had in you.

So, hang on tight and check out these 13 interesting things to do while self-isolating from the Coronavirus.

1.Learn a new skill

knitted table mats

Learning a new skill is always welcome, no? I mean who can just sit back and say “New skill? Not for me please!”

Learning a new skill could be: learning how to cook (especially if you have no idea how food gets on your plate everyday), organization of the home, baking, knitting, make some DIYs, Baking etc

2.Perfect a skill you already have.

If there is ever a perfect time to perfect a skill you already possessed, then this is it!

If you are a baker and are good at decorating cakes, since the big orders (like for weddings) are not coming through anymore, you could use this time to go huge and experiment with those decorating areas that usually make you sweat a little extra.

3.Indulge your taste buds by Trying out new recipes.

You could have a “Cook In”! I mean, we shouldn’t always wait for Christmas to throw a barbecue with family.

This is actually the perfect time you could try cooking your favorite dishes and even give the healthier version of the food recipes a try. After all, home cooked meals are always the best and healthier option.

4. Get Healthy/ier

Did you know that food can be your medicine? So now that we have a bit of time, why not try making some healthy smoothies and vegetable juices for you and the family? And if you are already a smoothie person, why not try out new and exciting recipes. Of course, be sure to combine this with exercise and you have a winner.

5.Read! Read! Read!

There’s nothing more enlightening than a book. Books were made to not only keep us company but also to to help us learn a thing or two. So how about you pay your good ol’ home library a visit?

While still at this reading thing, you could take this time to read your Bible and familiarize yourself with the word of God.

You cold also try rearranging your bookshelf and even color-code it if you have some spare time (which I am sure you do).

6.Indulge your kids and do something fun together

Do some crafts, read with them, play with them, show them a new skill like cooking, baking, cleaning, making beds perfectly, have fun competitions, tell stories, watch movies, dance…

7. Play some Board games

Board games always give us the chance to connect, laugh, argue, compete and just have fun! No need to say more…

8.Make a vision board if you haven’t gotten to doing yet.

The year is still young. I mean, we have just only entered the second quarter. If you hadn’t worked on your vision board, then this is the perfect time to get working on one.

There is a big possibility that the Coronavirus will end soon and you will still have a chance to achieve your dreams for the year 2020.

9.Give home work outs/ exercises a try

Or maybe even try meditating or doing some yoga . Sometimes we can get so busy in life chasing that paper that we forget about our health. Of course this is forgetting that health is actually wealth but now that we have got some time in the mornings and evenings (this is taking advantage of the time we would usually spend on the commute) we have plenty of time to get fit and healthy.

10. Organize your pantry

Sometimes, because of time or lack of it, we can leave our pantries to look like a hot mess but now that we have some time on our hands, we can take the time to make our pantries look like they belong on Pinterest. Right?

11. Rearrange your furniture to give your home a new look

Need to make your home look like you just bought new furniture when you actually didn’t? Well, all you need to do is just move your furniture around the house. This will make your space look different …and there you will have a home with a brand new look!

12. Make some beautiful DIY crafts for your home

When you have some crafts supplies in that home office drawer that you rarely touch, well, now would be the perfect time to open that drawer, get some paints, markers, brushes, tapes, colored paper glue etc and get to work on some beautiful DIY crafts for your home. The internet has got plenty of ideas of DIYs for your home. You can try and give your home a new look with something cute that you created with your own hands and something that you will proud of displaying in your home.

13. Organize your closet/wardrobe

A clean and well organized and color-coded wardrobe/closet can help put your mind at ease…it can even be therapeutic. Says…me! So why not give your eyes something well organized to look at while getting rid of clothes you have not touched in the last 22 years and make some space for new and more stylish clothes for when the Corona virus pandemic is over.

It cannot always be all work and no play, so after earning your pay while working from home how about try some of the above activities? Especially the ones that are right up your alley.

Enjoy and stay safe!

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