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  1. Avatar Mzalendo African December 25th, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    If Majority of Kenyans have not purchased the set top boxes Then the government is obliged to ensure that the analogue and digital broadcasting are run in parallel at least for a year before complete switch of the analogue signal.

    It is unfair to the citizens of these country to be denied their luxury of entertainment and be cut off from broadcasting media when it is possible to avert such a situation to enable the said citizens to sort themselves out.

    In developed countries, parallel broadcasting was enabled until such time the population migration had reached a cut of point. It is logical.

    The government need to have an estimate of the number of households that have purchased digital set top boxes before making a decision to switch off the analogue.

    The government need to ensure the citizens are well informed and to have a fair percentage of the population that have switched to digital before cutting off the analogue signal.

    By allowing the digital and analogue signal to broadcast in parallel this will enable any fine tuning of rules or technology or any issues to be ironed out. Furthermore, media content provider can also have more time and options to develop better content. More will migrate too which is very important.

  2. Avatar njorua December 26th, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    The whole process is riddled with corruption. The only licensed free to air signal distributor is KBC’s signet. The others(Chinese Startimes and South African Gotv) are pay channels.
    Local media with countrywide transmission infrastructure were denied licenses in favor of Chinese(foreigners) NB: Kibaki men and some top politicians are the main share holders in the Chinese firm – PANAFRICA NETWORKS.
    In an open and competitive environment startimes will find the going hard that’s why the government is denying local companies signal distribution license in order to protect the Chinese from the competition and interests of top politicians


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