Why you should not stay married for the sake of the children

1. Children can sense when mom and dad are faking things are well. They desire realness at home.

2. When you stay for the children you will only focus on being great parents and not great spouses meaning the home will lack a strong connection between the two who lead it.

3. Children eventually move out, what will you two be left with when they do and you failed to invest in your marriage? Invest well in each other for your retirement years.

4. You made the vow to your spouse, not to your children.

5. It is easier to focus on the children because they are younger, mouldable and loyal. Marriage will require you not to be lazy and to do the hard work of reconciling with your spouse. Stop looking for an easy way.

6. It hurts the children when the two people who brought them into the world don’t get along or act as if they are obligated or punished to be together because they have children.

7. Your marriage does not exist because of the children, your children exist because of your marriage. Children are a fruit of your love.

8. When you stay because of your children, you will not work on the areas you two fail in that hurt each other which will end up with you teaching your children that marriage is a dreadful thing to tolerate for the sake of the children.

9. When you stay because of the children, you might entertain having an affair as long as you are a good parent, thus complicating issues when your spouse and children find out.

Parents Carrying Son On Shoulders As They Walk In Park



10. Sometimes it is better for the children for you two to leave each other and seperate than to stay together by force in a toxic marriage. Children would rather leave with one parent than to watch both parents destroying each other in the same house.

11. The desire of every child is to see mom and dad genuinely in love as they observe from a distance.

12. It will hurt your spouse when he/she knows you are staying not because you love him/her and you want to, but because you feel compelled to do so for the children.

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