Koroga Festival: Environmental Considerations We Have Taken

The 29th edition of the Koroga Festival that is set to take place on the 14th and 15th of February at Hell’s Gate National Park has spurred concerns and received repeated criticism about the festival’s negative impact on wildlife and natural resources at the park.

All of these concerns are valid and worthy of conversation and this is why Koroga Festival in partnership with Naivasha Love Festival wishes to address those concerns by showing you all the measures taken to ensure that we do not adversely affect the environment.

Animal conservation 

There will be Kenya Wildlife Service patrols and a fence around the festival land to manage visitors and tourist movement and ensure zero wild animal interruption or loss.

The event will take place approximately 7.2 KM from the vulture’s cliff to ensure we do not interfere or cause disturbance to the endangered vultures.

In addition to that, a percentage of the total funds raised will go towards supporting conservation initiatives at Hell’s Gate National park and Longonot National Park.

Environment conservation

All vehicles will be parked outside the park headquarters unless on special conditions such as police patrol and ambulances. Saturday, 14th of February, there will be tree planting followed by Lake Naivasha clean up

Waste Management

With the help of Kenya Wildlife Service, Parapet will provide and manage safe segregation, transport and disposal of general waste from the festival. This will take place after the structures have been brought down to ensure all the spaces are thoroughly cleaned.


At the 29th Edition of the Koroga Festival, Coca Cola will provide trucks to collect all PET bottles that will be taken for recycling at their plant in Embakasi.

Noise and Lighting

We are aware that noise and lighting can impact behaviour of the wildlife in the park and this is why we have obtained a noise permit in accordance with EMCA and adhere to the noise limits provided. We will also use noise detection gadgets to monitor and ensure noise is at acceptable standards.

Land Degradation

Minimum landscaping has been done on the space where the event will take place to ensure minimal land degradation

No Plastic use 

This is being the first truly green festival in Kenya, vendors and suppliers will not be allowed to use single use plastic plates, cups and cutlery. This will ensure they use alternative products such as paper plates, cups and organic material like banana leaves.

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