Human Connection Transcends Boundaries: With Love From Kakuma

“Love is not for interest! You have to love someone for who they are, be patient with them, remain faithful and strong for each other.”

This Valentine’s Day, we give you a sneak-peek into the lives of Joelle Musimbwa and Antoine Niyungeko, beautiful couple currently based at Kakuma Refugee camp. Their story is a perfect example of how love and human connection transcends all boundaries and boarders.

The two first met at English and computer classes in the camp and their friendship blossomed to an incredible love story. 24 year old Joelle fled the war in Congo in 2011 with her aunt and Antoine a refugee from Burundi also settled at Kakuma refugee camp in 2011.

Love is known to break down all barriers, and, as evidenced by this video, it can transcend the most difficult situations, too.

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  1. Avatar Nairobi gal December 19th, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    Watching this guy talk is seriously raising my bile! Here we are awaiting reforms in the police yet the people who are suppose to take us through have no idea about it.!!! Are those who are seriously sane and honest waiting for anything positive from our forces? Nktest, and he still doesn’t think he should start paying the government for wasting all its resources in terms of salary and time?? What happened about cops not having side business? Someone is doing business in terms of 1m per month and tries to tell us he has time for security measures? God help us.


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