10 Signs You are in a Situationship

That sneaky, exciting, romantic “partnership” that will always remain undefined… That’s basically what a situationship is defined as. It is less than a relationship but more than a casual encounter, a friendship or a booty call.

Being in a situationship is not necessarily a bad thing, it only becomes bad when it is no longer healthy for you or your situation partner. Like when you start feeling like you want more from it and you partner does not. It is quite important to realize when the situationship you are in is becoming unhealthy.

The difference between a Relationship, a Friends With Benefits (FWB) situation and a Situationship, is that the latter lacks clear boundaries.

Here are signs that you are in a situationship

1.You do not have a title

You are walking in town with your situationship partner and bump into people you know, and you either want to avoid introducing your partner or you are just confused because you don’t know whether to introduce them as your friend or by their name and then quickly end it there and disappear into a nearby corner before any further questions regarding your “partnership” are asked.

2.You are not discussing the future

Here you are, two consenting adults doing adult things and you know what it is that you are doing and are even having fun doing it. But you do not talk past whatever it is that you are doing.

I mean, you both know that you are more than friends but have never sat down to discuss the status of your relationship and give it a defined title. Plus, you may also find that you both avoid this discussion whenever one of you looks like they are about to bring up the topic.

This is because you may even secretly know that you do not feature in the other person’s long-term plans. You may also know that any attempt to gain clarity about where it is you are headed, may be met with some ambiguous response.

3.You have feelings for each other but not love

You truly do care for each other because what you have is more than a friendship but not quite relationship.

You know each other in a physical intimate way but not on an emotional capacity.

You are fond of each other, yes, and you share something you don’t share with another person, but you just cannot break the barrier to let your heart be fully involved in the situation.

4.You only make short-term or last-minute plans with each other

Normal couples in a defined relationship make plans well in advance… days, weeks and maybe even months in advance. Also, with a normal couple, it is almost always certain that you will see each other on the weekend or a holiday, but with a situationship this might be tricky. You never go past today with making plans involving each other or if pushing it, the next day. Committing to a plan in advance is always met with a lack of a full commitment.

Impromptu meetings that either have sex or hooking up in the agenda are more like your thing.

Last minute plans/ invites, should be a red flag. It’s also likely that most of your plans involve a sleep over.

5. The sex is out of this world!

In a situationship, there are no inhibitions when it comes to bedroom matters. Besides, you both know you have neither a commitment nor obligation to each other, so you are all about throwing caution to the wind.

In this sort of situation, you can dare experiment with each other and try new things. You can ask for whatever you want and won’t feel some type of way towards you partner when you get a rejection. You can play out your fantasies with no fear.

Mind blowing sex is what keeps a situationship going and you both enjoy being with each other. The bomb sex is basically what is keeping you together.

6.You have not met each other’s friends

Two people in a new relationship always have this eagerness to let their new partner meet everyone in their life.  So, if you haven’t met your partner’s close friends or family, know that you have not yet made the cut.  This could only possibly mean that you are never factored into your partner’s plans with friends and family.

This is obviously because of the no title given to your situation as mentioned above. No one really wants to show someone off who may potentially be a nobody in a matter of days/weeks/months.

You also most likely have this silent wager between the two of you in which both of you don’t want to be the first to ruin a perfectly good thing.

7. Your main means of communication is texting (sexting)

Two people in a normal relationship always want to talk to each other and tell each other sweet, mundane nothings, but you will know if you are in a situationship if your main means of communication is via text only. You normally do not have much to say to each other anyway, because the one thing you have in common is sex which also happens to be your hottest topic of your texts or most your topics lead to the sex topic. Sexting is mostly your thing.

8.You attend events by yourself

Weddings, Birthday parties, friends’ Housewarming parties, Christmas parties are just some of those important events where you might be required to bring a plus one. If you find yourself attending such events alone or your partner has never extended their plus one card to you because you have both convinced yourselves that you’re not there yet, yet you are there in every other way…you are in a situationship!

9.There are no pictures of you on any social media platform

Situationships are different from Friends with Benefits in that with a situationship there could be a lurking potential for a relationship that could materialize because of the fondness you have for each other. For this reason, you probably have several pictures of each other and selfies with each other in your phone galleries, but they are not likely to grace the social media scene.

10.You’re getting bored with your situation

Maintaining a relationship is never easy especially after the honeymoon stage is over. It always requires some work and effort.

For a relationship to succeed, a couple must try new and different things to add fun to the relationship but there’s nothing much to do in a situationship.  Situationships are mostly about the awesome sex and that’s what you most likely have in common. And even that can get old and stop being fun and finding ways to spruce things up every time can prove quite a challenge since you are not committed to each other.

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