9 Interesting Things about the Two Rivers Mall Ferris Wheel you probably didn’t know

1.  Kenya’s first and only Ferris wheel, located at Two Rivers Mall- Nairobi, is called CK’s Eye of Kenya.

2.  Standing tall at 60 meters high above ground and 55 meters in Diameter, with a capacity of 240 people per rotation, it is currently Africa’s largest Ferris wheel.

3.  Kenyan Business mogul and entrepreneur Dr Chris Kirubi came up with the idea of having a Ferris wheel in the region. It was one of his dreams to have one in Kenya and seeing it come to light, was a dream come true for him and an honor.

4.  Between 11 am and 9 pm, one can enjoy a ride in CK’s eye of Kenya.

5.  It has 40 cabins/ capsules and can hold up to 6 passengers at one go (maximum). Each cabin offers a panoramic view of Nairobi city. Unlike many Ferris wheels around the world like The London Eye which ‘believes in superstitions’ therefore doesn’t have a number 13, this Eye has cabin Number 13.

6.  To mark special occasions, the Eye can be lit up in different colors.

7.  It was officiated by HE President Uhuru Kenyatta on February 28, 2019

8.  One ticket ride makes two revolutions every 14 minutes and costs Kshs 500. The slow wheel rotation is on purpose to give passengers a chance to enjoy the views and for people to board and disembark without the wheel having to stop. There’s none of that stop-and-start business of most ferris wheels, just a constant loop around taking in the fabulous views.

9.  You can rent a cabin for a special occasion like an engagement, wine tasting, birthday, chocolate tasting etc. Special Beautiful moments in life deserve special places like this to be marked.

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  1. Avatar Natty Dread December 16th, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    If South Sudan were to implode and their fledgling nation were to revert to civil attrition and chaos, the results would be devastating for the entire East African and Horn of Africa regions. So many resources, yet such a brittle existence. Al Bashir up North might be chuckling to himself and hoping for the worst!

    1. Avatar Duncan Muchina December 16th, 2013 at 8:28 pm

      Kiir has the ace. He needs to understand that South Sudan will rise or fall as one nation. He must accommodate all. The era when one wielded total authority is long gone in Africa. He must be a 21st leader and lead the great country of South Sudan to prosperity……just study how Mandela dealt with Buthelezi…peacefully. Riek Machar is not an easy foe to have…you must make him your closest partner..or the country will burn.

      1. Avatar Natty Dread December 17th, 2013 at 12:31 am

        Well argued Duncan! Let’s just hope that Kiir acts as you suggest, and that there are no forces out there trying to stoke the differences in order to get at the oil.


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