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  1. grace mwai December 14th, 2013 at 2:11 am

    Iam very sorry for this family. My heart goes to their remaining loved ones. My worry is that Kenyans live in self denial. They know the criminals within them, they live with them, they share the spoils and yet shed crocodile tears in churches and funeral services. They don,t blink an eyelid in their condemning the police and government for not knowing the identity of criminals.
    Kenyans, police are not angels. They don,t have the power of performing miracles or “ushawi” to unearth the criminals. First and foremost, YOU are responsible of your own security, your neighbor and your country. The police are to help you help yourself lawfully. If you don,t help the police, even if it is the FBI or SCOTLAND YARD you will keep on attending funerals for your neighbours, friends ,family members and eventually yourself .


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