26 Facts about communication in relationships/ marriage

1. The communication of a couple gets richer when they talk about more than sex. Sex talk all the time is empty and boring.

2. Communication doesn’t happen by accident. You two must invest in it.

3. The depth of a conversation depends on the subject matter. If all you talk about as a couple are pleasantries, house chores and to do lists. You need to go deeper.

4. No relationship/marriage can survive without communication.

5. Healthy communication requires honesty, no lies. No matter how hard it is. When you’re honest, you reinforce your credibility.

6. The more you kiss, the warmer your communication as a couple.

7. It is not only about what you tell your spouse, but the tone with which you say it.

8. Great conversations need the right questions. Ask your spouse the right questions, show interest.

9. How you greet your spouse in the morning or when your spouse comes home, determines the quality of your conversation. A warm greeting ushers in a desire to talk.

10. The more you use curse words in your conversations the easier it is to show disrespect.

11. A healthy prayer life communicating with God, leads to healthy communication with your spouse.

12. If you have a hot temper, it will ruin your communication as a couple. Have self control over your tongue.

13. Sometimes the best conversations are not spoken. Silence can be beautiful as you cuddle, stay in a room as you both work, read or just be. Enjoy each others silent company.

14. When you call your spouse with a loving name, “My love”, “Darling”, “Sweetheart”… It communicates love. Refrain from calling your spouse by his/her official name as you do your friends.

15. Intimate conversations are not rushed. Spend adequate time with your spouse.

16. Do not emotionally focus on another besides your spouse, it will negatively affect your communication with your spouse.

17. Ladies, the more you complain to your man that he doesn’t spend time with you or talk to you like he used to, the more you will push him away. Inspire him to talk to you by being inviting, peaceful, drama free, light hearted and not fault finding.

18. Gentlemen, ladies interpret love through conversations. In fact, they fall in love and stay in love because of companionship which is evident in conversations.

19. When a man is into a woman, he will love talking and chatting with her. He will study her.

20. Healthy conversations boost your sex life as a couple and heighten intimacy.

21. Give eye contact when your spouse is talking to you. It shows respect.

22. Laugh together. Don’t be too serious. It makes it easy to share the good and the bad.

23. Keep your spouse’s secrets, don’t judge or consider your spouse petty when he/she confides in you lest you discourage him/her from sharing things with you.

24. Even when you are too busy, say something warm and brief to your spouse. It keeps the flame alive.

25. Apologize when you’re wrong. Take care of your spouse’s feelings to make him/her feel comfortable with you.

26. Don’t talk down at your spouse in a condescending way or ordering your spouse around if you don’t want your spouse to avoid you. Talk with your spouse. Don’t let your communication be one sided.

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