15 Breathtaking Dining areas + A Few Styling Tips

A beautifully styled dining area sets the ambience of the home. Home is where delicious home made/ restaurant ordered meals are shared with loved ones after all. You might as well enjoy that happy meal in a beautiful, welcoming, relaxing space that is also your home.

Below are some dining areas that will make you rethink your home styling and decorating tastes and choices.

#TIP : Invest in a eye-catching light fixture. Doing this will immediately transform your space and give you an idea of the decorating style to go with.

#TIP : Pick a color scheme and run with it.


*TIP : Pick a decor style you are comfortable with. If you decide to go with any of the decor styles available, go through with it. Do not hesitate to combine two styles. My favorite combination is mid century modern with a bit of nordic.

#TIP : Depending on the location of your dining area, pick the right art that will compliment your style and taste.

#TIP : Invest in the right furniture and keep things as minimalist as possible. Don’t fill your space with too much furniture.

#TIP : Style your dining chairs neatly. Whether you have 4, 6 or more chairs style them accordingly. Remember to arrange them in a way that will show off your dining table as well.

#TIP : To put a rug on it or not is a choice that is all up to you. Some furniture are so tasteful on their own that they don’t need a rug to complete the look. In some cases though, rugs help to tie in the loose ends and make your space look complete.



#TIP : Definitely throw in a plant in a corner if you are a plant lover.



#TIP : Keep your dining table surface clutter free.You could display an item or two but mostly try and leave the table decoration for your coffee table instead.



#TIP : Simple is beautiful, so always remember to keep it simple.


#TIP : Create a beautiful space that you will be proud to host your loved ones and share happy meals in.



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